11 ways to prepare your small home for guests

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Love it or loathe it, a guest coming to stay is an inevitability for most. Whether it’s a festive time of the year and family is coming to celebrate, or simply an old friend who is in town for a few days, you will want to ensure you are equipped and ready to host your visitor. To make life easier for yourself (as well as your lodger), there are certain preparations that can be implemented in advance, which will not only ensure your guests’ visit is satisfying, but reduce your potential stress levels too.

Below we’ve collated our top 11 tips to prepare your home for guests. Today we’ve focused our attention particularly on those who reside in compact abodes (since most of us Singaporeans do). Often providing a comfy space for guests is more than simply dressing a spare bed or sofa. There are other considerations that will make their time and yours far more pleasant. Read on below and learn how to prepare your dwelling and guarantee an enjoyable stay for your visitors.

1. Source the sleeping space

First things first, where will your guests sleep? If you have a spare bedroom, this will undoubtedly serve as their home for the duration of their stay. However, in many compact homes, you will have to set up a sofa bed in the main room of your apartment. Take some time to look for the best area for your visitors, and the space that will have the least impact on your day to day routine and life. 

2. Stock the sleeping space

Once you've chosen the right sleeping area for your guests, it is time to ensure they are comfy and set up. You will need bed linen, additional blankets, and pillows. Additionally, you should give the space a good clean and remove any dust and dirt. 

3. Prepare the bathroom

The bathroom is a shared space, especially in a compact home, and therefore requires cleaning and preparation. Take a few moments to put away any items that are out on benches, mop the floor, as well as cleaning the toilet, shower and mirrors. 

4. Stock the bathroom

Downtown White on White Apartment Andrew Mikhael Architect Minimalist style bathroom Grey
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Downtown White on White Apartment

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Once clean, you should purchase any additional bits and pieces that may be required. Stock up on soaps, lotion, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as feminine hygiene products and toilet paper. 

5. Prepare the kitchen

Head into the kitchen and give your space a thorough clean and tidy. Throw away any old food in the refrigerator, and expired food in the pantry. 

6. Stock the kitchen

Once you've cleared out all of the old unnecessary junk from your kitchen, you should stock it full of some essentials such as bread, milk, coffee and tea. Try a bowl of fresh fruit to give your home a healthy range of snack options, as well as creating an inviting aesthetic. 

7. Clean up the balcony, outdoor area or terrace

When you have guests visit, you will most likely want to utilise any outdoor space you have. Give your outdoor areas a good clean, and ensure they are free from any built-up pollutants or grime. 

8. Prepare the living room

The living room may in fact be the space your guest is staying within. If this is the case, remove any throw cushions and rugs that might be in the way, and give the area a neaten and a tidy. If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, you should consider the living room as a central meeting point for your guests, and keep it clean and fresh. 

9. Clear the clutter

As all professionals know, clutter is a definite no-no when hosting visitors, guests, friends or family. Get to work clutter-busting your interior spaces and remove any build-up of mess to ensure a chaos free environment. 

10. Bring out any additional furniture

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red AMBIVALENZ Dining roomChairs & benches Plywood Multicolored

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red


Depending on the amount of guests that are staying you may need some additional furniture. Fold up chairs, trestle tables and other portable items are perfect, as they can be easily stored once your visitors leave. 

11. Stock the bar

Finally… and no less importantly, you might want to think about re-stocking your bar. Generally when we have friends or family come to stay it is a festive event, and a few drops of bubbly, a refreshing G&T, or a late night scotch whiskey is always appreciated and cherished. 

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