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In today's 360°, we explore a home that has a little something for everyone. Situated on the outskirts of a Brazilian city, this stunning structure is home to a couple who wanted a private space away from the hustle and bustle and one that was closer to nature. Architects 3.4 have more than complied! They have crafted a contemporary building that is both exquisite and unique in its simplicity. It integrates the scenic countryside into the design and offers stunning views from every angle. 

Occupying a space of only 95sqm, this unique home offers its owners tons of comfort and style, coupled with energy-efficiency that not only reduces carbon print but also overall long-term costs. We'll be the first ones to admit that this is a pretty ideal dream home! Let's explore this gorgeous home, photographed to perfection by Brazilian Joana França. 

A home from the future

A first look reveals an impressive and streamlined modern structure, characterised by the reinforced concrete, the large glass doors, the flat roof and most of all, the clean lines. The concrete facade remains uniform throughout, imparting a sense of simplicity and unity. The unusual terrain prompted the architects to built the structure on stilts, which had numerous collateral benefits: for starters, it maximises the view; second, it minimises the environmental impact and if that's not enough, the building is protected from pests and animals. 

Energy-efficiency was an important factor for the owners so they also built in a green roof, which act as an insulator for the home and improve indoor comfort. 

Rise and shine

Show us a person who wouldn't want to wake up here, and we'll show you a zombie. Seriously, this tiny little bedroom is perfect. Just the view only would have sufficed, but the architects have incorporated small design elements that take this space one step further. A grey concrete wall acts as both a focus wall and a headboard, and along with the warm wooden flooring, perfectly complements the natural settings. Sliding doors afford the space extra privacy, if needed. 

The interiors of the house are designed in such a way that the decor is centre-aligned, allowing for ample room for movement on either side of it. 

Bathroom with a view

The stylish and sleek bathroom, in keeping with the overall design scheme, is contemporary with its clean lines and use of natural materials. Concrete, wood and glass are once again the predominant materials here. But the real scene-stealer here is that shower stall with its great views. Thanks to the elevation, this area is sufficiently shielded from the outside but on those days, when one's feeling a bit shy, there are blinds that can be conveniently pulled down. 

The views are a definite bonus for this tiny space, but your small bathroom doesn't need to suffer from a style malfunction if you are not blessed with 360° views. Our experts here can help turn your problematic area into a winner. 

Fluid spaces

This narrow little home was fitted with large glass sliding doors on both sides allowing for unlimited views of the countryside. It also minimised the need for any form of artificial heating or cooling systems. Paying heed to the owners' desire to be closer to nature, the architects kept the boundaries between outside and inside porous allowing for a fluid transition. 

When more privacy is needed, the couple need only draw the black shutters close. 

Industrial cool

Allow us to say this forthright—with a view like that from every corner, chances are ridiculously slim that we're going to be bingeing on television. But we suppose it's good to be equipped for those cold/cloudy/rainy days. The living room is an almost exact replica of the bedroom, except here the focus wall houses the entertainment console and hanging shelves. The cool industrial look achieved by the exposed concrete wall is nicely offset by the warm wooden flooring. Behind the couch is a decent-sized open kitchen with yes, you guessed it, views, views and more views. 

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