The incredible revamp of a crumbling home

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Novodeco Scandinavian style balcony, veranda & terrace
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Making small changes to our homes within a limited budget isn’t usually a major hassle, nor do we hesitate to implement any simple changes. However, sometimes a major overhaul cannot be avoided, whether of the kitchen, living area—or the entire house! The thought of such large-scale work is daunting indeed—which is why today we’ll take you through the extensive remodelling of a house in Santa Pola, Spain, which included the addition of energy-efficient features like basement rainwater storage, LED lighting and solar-controlled safety glass for the doors and windows. As for the drastic changes to the architectural elements of the house and the astonishing transformation of the décor by renovation and restoration company Novodeco – the result is a beautiful modern residence that will surely motivate you to start the conversion of your own house into a dream home!

Before: starting from scratch

Work was underway and the house was being stripped to its bare bones for a complete overhaul. The ceiling boards, the plaster on the walls, the flooring – everything was removed for a dramatic transformation!

After: stylish staircase

The staircase has been transformed into a contemporary work of art! The combination of chocolate brown steps atop a cream base looks elegant, while the LED light on each step is an innovative and trendy touch that takes the staircase to another level of style! The wooden laminate floor and neutral colour palette of cream and brown create a warm and serene ambience.

Before: complete overhaul required

One look at the house from the road makes it evident why the owners wanted nothing less than a total remodelling. The façade was also devoid of paint and plaster.

After: elegant exterior

The modern new exterior is reminiscent of the Isabelline Gothic style of architecture which prevailed in Spain from the late 15th century to the early 16th century. Lush palm trees have been teamed with the down-to-earth terracotta of the façade for a simple and rustic look, and given a dollop of pizzazz by the decorative lighting.

Before: unused alley

This passage between the building and the outside wall was not utilised previously. We can look forward to a great change here!

After: vibrant social hub

What a brilliant transformation! The expert team at Novodeco visualized the alley as the nucleus for a party and converted it to a large open area for socialising. The chic awning, big grill and variety of plants enhance the natural appeal of the space. The family crest emblazoned on the wall is an impressive and regal touch that adds a dash of glamour and grandeur to the area.

The play between modern and vintage architectural styles, teamed with a blend of earthy and sophisticated elements, results in a fascinating modern residence. 

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