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PLANAIR ® Modern style bedroom
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When you’re working with a limited floor plan, or a constricted layout, it pays to be innovative. Creativity is what has inspired today’s project, which takes a lack of space and privacy and totally reconstructs the way we think about compact living. Situated in Milan, and designed by the pioneering team at PLANAIR, this minute and minuscule dwelling is sure to surprise and mesmerise.

Conceived as a fully transmutable interior, which alters depending on the desired use, the home employs moveable timber walls. These walls can be added and removed, essentially transforming the residence into several different dwellings. To combat the lack of space, the design incorporated in-built storage, as well as plenty of areas that offer multi-function uses.

Want to see more and check out the interior of this truly inventive apartment? Keep reading below, and perhaps glean a few tips and tricks for your own home’s design and décor.

1. The great wall of timber

Known as the BRERA Apartment, this compact dwelling is truly one-of-a-kind. This designer abode revolutionises the way we use space, and creates a unique, almost magical home that can be transformed to suit a range of different needs and requirements.

Situated in Milan, the Spanish apartment is characterised by its ingenious interior design, which allows 34 square metres of living space, act in a highly innovative fashion.

In this image we see the great timber wall in its fully formed state. This original system incorporates moving panels that can be converted to create different living spaces and areas. Here the kitchen can be seen to the right, while the room feels rather like a long corridor.

A light-filled workspace and bedroom

Heading further into the bedroom space we get a great glimpse of the sleeping platform and its impact on the rest of the room. Panels slide further down an adjacent track, opening up the bed to the window and workspace. 

The workspace is another great inclusion in this home, and something that is often neglected in compact apartment design. Here it sits neatly in the corner, with ample natural light, and a large surface to write, draw and more.

The dressing room and storage space

Full of surprises and truly engaging, this dwelling provides us with an endless array of interesting nooks and crevices that have been employed as storage.

Thanks to a gas lift, the bed can be lifted upwards, revealing a neat wardrobe for all manner of domestic odds and ends. The shelving is extensive, and would serve as a place to keep other bedroom accessories and accoutrements as well.

2. Open sesame!

As some of the internal wall panels begin to move, we see the different living spaces that are being created. The movable timber panels slide to the end of the room, and open up the separate living area and bedroom space effortlessly.

You can also see the tracks that have been installed upon the ceiling. This helps the panels glide and move seamlessly throughout the room, contributing to a sense of multi-functionality.

Let’s take a peek in the bedroom…

Protecting privacy

The bedroom comes with movable timber partitions that completely encapsulate the mattress and sleeping space. Still rather spacious, this area is perfect for a couple, or ideal for a single occupant.

Boasting a wall mounted light, as well as laser cut circles in the timber, the compact bed pod enjoys filtered light and a warm, cosy aesthetic.

Inside the sleeping chamber

To take one last peek before we end our tour, we check out the sleeping pod from inside. Wonderfully tranquil, and ideal for those who require a dark and cosy place to rest, this room is inventive and engaging. The circles illuminate during the day, and prevent the room from feeling too dark at night, adding a sense of safety and comfort.

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Would you like to live here? Let us know your thoughts below!

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