10 smart ways to cut your living costs and save money

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In this age of consumerism, it’s easy to get carried away with thoughtless spending and indulgence. The fact is, we waste a huge amount of food, services and other consumables, ignoring the fact that we can live in a far more wholesome, waste-free way. We all have certain weaknesses when it comes to spending. You might have an addiction to take-out food, clothing, or beauty products. All of these unnecessary purchases contribute to your household bills and spending, and can easily blow way out of proportion if not monitored.

If you’re feeling unfocussed and in need to a clear plan to tackle Singapore living expenses, then read on below and let us show you a few ways you can cut costs!

1. Embrace organic plant life

Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern windows & doors
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

Plants might not seem like a way to reduce household costs, but surprisingly, they do more than simply look good. They can reduce ambient air temperature, thus reducing your need for air-conditioning, while placing them around windows will help them grow and create a far more civilised (humidity-free) ambience inside the room. 

2. Ceiling fans are your friends

Once again, we cannot stress the importance of reducing your dependence on the air-conditioner. As the appliance that costs the most to run, service and maintain, an air-conditioner can greatly increase household expenses. Invest in some ceiling fans in crucial interior spaces, to ensure the ambience and atmosphere is enjoyable, while reducing the need to run the a/c non-stop. 

3. Be water efficient

Switching to water efficient fittings will help reduce your water bills, as well as working towards helping the environment. 

If you need help with some new fittings, chat to a bathroom designer, who will be able to offer you some expert design advice. 

4. Get energy efficient

Energy inefficiency is definitely something to look out for when reducing costs in your Singapore home. Switch your old light bulbs for new LEDs, and remember to switch off lights when they're not in use. 

5. Work with blinds and window dressings

Blinds and window dressings are a great way to keep the heat out, while reducing your overall household costs. In this example we see how the owners have employed blinds to balcony area, allowing it to be used during the blistering Singapore heat, without heating the rest of the home's interior. 

6. Get rid of the stuff you don't use

Believe it or not, clutter costs! If you have too many items in your home, you are creating a thoroughly chaotic abode, which is expensive to clean, maintain and look after. As well as reducing the volume of items you purchase (remember, quality over quantity!) you should also take some time to de-clutter and remove unwanted odds and ends. 

7. Use your towels more than once

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When we shower or bathe, we tend to use a new towel each time. This is super unnecessary and wastes water as well as energy to clean new linen regularly. Hang your towels in the bathroom once you use them, let them dry and simply use them again. 

8. Unplug and save

Unplugging appliances (computers, televisions, x-boxes etc.) when they aren't being used saves you a huge amount of money in the long run. Energy continues to be used, even when items are turned off. So remember to unplug and save! If you find this tricky to do, there are certain plugs you can purchase that will do the hard work for you. 

9. Say goodbye to your dryer

Downtown White on White Apartment Andrew Mikhael Architect Minimalist kitchen White
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Downtown White on White Apartment

Andrew Mikhael Architect

You dryer is often an unnecessary appliance that utilises a huge amount of energy to run, and can contribute hugely to your overall electricity bill. Invest in a clotheshorse, and let the Singapore heat dry your clothes efficiently and inexpensively. 

10. Plan your meals and eat in

Eating at restaurants, as well as wastage of food is a huge money buster. Planning your meals at the end or beginning of each week can help you purchase only what you need, and reduce the urge to eat at restaurants or order take-out for dinner. 

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