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10 elegant designs for narrow hallways

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If there is one architectural element that really bugs designers and homeowners alike, it has to be narrow and slender interior spaces. These tight areas can wreak havoc with your ornamentation and decorative scheme, as well as possibly leaving you thinking your dwelling is destined to feel cramped, cloistered and constricted. However, all is not lost!

For many city residents, especially those in Singapore, Hong Kong and other megalopolises, contending with long and often narrow hallways or corridors is a fact of life. When decorating and dealing with these frustrating zones it is important to be innovative, creative and above all, patient.

To provide a few tips and hints, as well as a handful of successful demonstrations, we’ve gathered 10 elegant designs to suit your narrow hallway. Read on below, and give your most exasperating domiciliary space a sophisticated refresh and refurbishment.

1. Controlling the space

Designers often control the length of a corridor using interior partitions and walls. In this instance, the corridor has been widened and opened thanks to the bench area, which allows a sense of movement and cohesion, without enhancing the narrow atmosphere of the connecting walkway. 

2. Utilising light

Next up, we take a peek at a hallway that has utilised different lights to engage the viewer and expand the perceived space within the corridor. These beautiful lights act as a subtle form of illumination, while also altering our awareness of the narrow hall.

3. Employing warm earthy hues

In this next design, sunlight is employed and incorporated in order to create a passage that is both warm and inviting. Overlapping colours also have the added effect of feeling eclectic and engaging to those who pass through the space. 

4. Eclectic touches

Eclectic touches have been added to this all-white narrow hallway to bring a sense of eye-catching engagement within the space. This is important, as it adds depth to the corridor, while the glass that is used in the doors and archways adds openness. 

5. Removing borders

How do you make your extremely narrow corridor feel more open and elegant? Remove the ceiling of course! This space has done away with the ceiling space, and now feels light, airy and bright. 

6. Working with paint and contrast

The use of paint in this example brings together two hues that always work effortlessly. Black and white are paired in different areas of this room, contributing to a sense of depth and limitlessness within the ultra-narrow walkway.

7. Holes in the walls

Sections of the wall have been removed in this next example, which help contribute a sense of light and airiness. The decorative corridor is tiled in a creative and colourful motif, which then mirrors the colours of the inner wall sections seamlessly.

8. Balance and poise

Asymmetry is employed as a surprisingly effective design principle in this narrow corridor. On the one side cut outs are added, while the opposite side embossed wall art is hung. These two different items work together to create balance and interest, enlarging the observed space. 

9. Working with paint

Paint can be used to create depth and expand the recognised space within a narrow or slender area. In this hall, a dark blue hue adds an endless expansive feeling to the ceiling, and contrasts the stark white hue.  

10. Adding art

Art is a simple and effective way to draw attention away from the slight size of your corridor or hallway. Here large and small artworks have been hung, imparting a sense of interest and intrigue, and removing the seemingly endless length of the walkway. 

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