10 organisational hacks every one-room apartment needs

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Organisation is something we all try to achieve, but more often than not it eludes us. This is often due to the mixed messages that are received when undertaking our cleaning, tidying and ordering. Depending on who you ask, there are a number of different responses you will get, with a variety of alternative advice recounting the ways that particular person has managed to organise a certain part of their life and home. You might find a few gems of wisdom, and implement a new routine, but more often than not, your home will reach eventually reach a level of disorganisation. So what can be done?

Living in a compact one-room apartment has its benefits and its curses. Often the fact your home is small means you are forced to de-clutter and live in a more minimal way, than say someone who resides in a larger villa. However, a studio apartment also requires clever and innovative thinking. To give you a helping hand towards organisation, we’ve got 10 top tricks that every one-room apartment needs. Want to find out what they are? Check them out below!

1. Look vertical with your storage

Organisation and storage go hand in hand. In order to ensure your home stays neat and tidy, you need to create places to actually keep everything. And in a one-room apartment, this can be a tricky and challenging task. That's why you need to look upward and go vertical with your cupboards and storage. Loft spaces and high wall cabinets can greatly increase your chances of staying organised and neat. 

2. Add room dividers to actively separate spaces

Room dividers help segregate different spaces in your home, letting you categorise and organise in a functional, precise and logical manner. 

If you need assistance with your interior and your one-room layout, you can always chat to a professional, who will offer expert advice and ensure you get off to the right start. 

3. Give you kitchen a little attention

Your kitchen is one area of the home that definitely influences the rest of the interior spaces, especially in a one-room setup. To resist your dwelling feeling cramped, overrun with mess, or unpleasantly uninviting, you should pay attention to the way you organise your kitchen. 

Throw away any expired food, and set up a regular routine that allows you to spend 15-20 minutes each week auditing and refreshing your storage. 

4. Use multi-purpose furniture and storage

Multi-purpose furniture is an absolute must for one-room homes. To stay organised you need to employ a system for keeping everything in an ordered and logical layout. Multi-purpose furniture is an effortless and seamless solution that helps maximise the space you have, while ensuring your domestic items are in a functional and practical position. 

5. Be mindful with your domestic items

More often than not, we live with far more than we need. Instead of going overboard with your possessions, which inevitably clutter and cause mess, you should consider choosing each item with care and precision. This may not seem linked to the organisational state of your home, but you will be surprised how effective it is at reducing clutter and helping you live in a more minimal way. 

6. Create to-do lists

You may think the humble to-do list is out of date and not relevant in today's digital society, but more often than not, writing down your essentials is a great way to keep them in your mind and in focus. Pin them to a board, write them in chalk, or stick them to the fridge to ensure you don't forget your must-do necessities.

7. Keep everything in an all-in-one location

Similar to multi-purpose furniture, pieces such as this cube can greatly increase your chances at staying organised and tidy. Choose furniture that works with your space, and minimises the need for additional items. 

8. Give everything a place in the home

There really shouldn't be anything that is left without a designated space in your home. When organising your dwelling, ensure each item, large or small, has a place (cupboard, container etc.) within your abode. 

9. Employ storage that works with your small space

Storage comes in many different shapes and sizes, but in this room we see the designers have used the perfect setup of over-bed cupboards to provide a space for household miscellany. Instead of employing traditional items such as a chest of drawers or a freestanding robe, look to custom or bespoke joinery that will enhance your efficiency, organisation and home's practicality. 

10. De-clutter your workspace

Finally, we need to chat about the workspace. In a one-room apartment, workspaces can easily look messy and contribute to a thoroughly uninviting ambience or atmosphere. De-clutter your workspace to rapidly improve the aura and vibe in the rest of your abode. Your papers, books and other ornaments should be kept in designated storage spaces, instead of strewn around the desk in a disorganised fashion. 

Did these tips and tricks provide some inspiration? If you'd like more, check out: 8 ways to keep your apartment organised

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