A young woman became independent and converted 24sqm into a fabulous home

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We've said it before and we'll say it again, sometimes all you need is a little know how and a spark of creativity to have success when attempting a home improvement project. You'll soon see how this before and after project is a testament to this belief. 

Armed with only a very limited budget, there is much to appreciate in the way this young woman transformed her dated one-room flat into something incredible.   

Let's check it out! 

Original article by Luke Riley for homify UK

Before: Messy and disorganised

From the moment the woman bought the one-room pad, she knew she'd inherited a big project. It took a long time until she was ready to tackle her DIY mountain, but she was incredibly excited to mould her dream home. 

The first image shows the state the home was in just before things got going. It's obvious that this makeshift kitchen and dining area was only temporary as we see basic appliances and random items of furniture scattered across the room. 

After: Pretty and practical

What an incredible change! The difference between the two images is like night and day. 

Taking shape out of the mess is a state-of-the-art kitchen, which is jam packed with everything one would ever require. The new full-height kitchen cabinets work the angles of the room to perfection, offering the owner plenty of storage space. 

We particularly adore the neutral colour scheme and use of glossy finishes. Notice how a bright white base keeps light bouncing around the spacious room, while the timber floorboards add a certain warmth. 

Another design touch we love is the positioning of the down-lights, which have turned the work surfaces into real a feature of the kitchen.

Before: A daily struggle

Before we reveal more of the fantastic renovation, here's another image of the chaos that reigned before. 

This scene was a daily reality for the young woman, who often struggled to get up in the morning knowing she had this to look at first thing. Despite the daily grind, her mind was always planning and dreaming of the future, hoping it would come soon…

After: Made to measure

Isn't this a cute scene? We can tell for sure the woman has curated the new pad around her own tastes. 

Most homes accommodate grand dining tables that can seat many, but this home is different. The woman loves intimate meals with friends on the small but stylish piece of furniture. 

Before: Hiding from the neighbours

This living room was once used as a place to sleep, making for a rather awkward awakening with the large windows facing out towards flats on the opposing side of the complex. 

This temporary bedroom was always planned to be a lounge where one can enjoy the view, rather than avoid it. 

After: Embracing the view

The new look living room came out exactly how the owner had planned. A practical arrangement and smart choice of furniture has helped create an intimate and sociable space.  

The leather sofa may take up a considerable amount of space, however, it is by no means overbearing. The simple finish and cool shape make this sofa a great statement piece.

After: Mezzanine bedroom

A short way up a timber ladder there is a sleeping area to be found. This sturdy mezzanine isn't the choice for some, however, the young woman discovered it was the best possible option for her small home. 

This mezzanine bedroom looks fresh and bright thanks to the light colour scheme and the inclusion of soft textiles. Rich textures combined with the playful cushions gives this place of rest a fun vibe that would otherwise be absent.

After: A perfect renovation

Our final snapshot of this clever 24m² flat shows off the whole of the main living space, which boasts more style than most larger homes. 

We love the combination of classic features, contemporary furniture and striped floor, with the odd feature piece, such as the purple stool, used to bring a pop of colour. 

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