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Owning an affordable house within a good location seems impossible in this day and age. What with the rising cost of housing and limited land releases for new construction, the opportunities seem to be few and far between.   

After searching for what felt like ages, a fed up couple decided to take action into their own hands and set about building a house to fit their dream. Finding the right professionals was easy. However, finding the perfect place to build took time. By chance, the perfect plot was found and then quickly purchased, triggering the start of the couple's dream home becoming a reality.  

Join us for a tour and see what they achieved…  

Original article by Luke Riley for homify UK

The modern cottage

There aren't too many people out there who can boast having an affordable house that is situated within a location that's as pretty as this.

Endless rows of pine trees stand as a backdrop and provide a natural barrier between the owners and their neighbours. Displaying a convincing blend of traditional elegance with contemporary edginess, this humble residence offers everything that the young owners could wish for. 

The building itself has a form much like other rural properties in the area, with a charming cottage-like outlook. Separating the home from its counterparts is the sleek-looking render and expansive glazing. 

Boasting energy-efficiency

Not only was the appearance of the home considered, but energy-efficiency was at the forefront of the design. Temperatures can plunge well below -20 degrees here so it was incredibly important that the materials for the façade were durable, provided natural insulation and were also weather resistant. 

During the warmer months of the year, there is nothing better than spending time outside on the paved area, where a casual sitting area has been created. There are cushioned chairs and a coffee table accommodated in the sunny spot, allowing for a number of different uses to be enjoyed here. 

Only 70m²

The owners had a limited budget to work with so it was important that their future home was designed smartly. The architectural plans show a modest size of 70m² was all that was required for the owner's dream home to be realised. 

Though 70m² may sound small to some, HQ-Design worked their magic to create a liveable and modern domain that works in every sense. Critical to the success of the design is the open plan communal spaces, which have been designed with minimal internal walls or barriers. 

Class found in the lounge

There's a sense of luxury to the interior décor, which aims to embrace the combined form and textures of the chosen finishes and pieces. 

The sofa, with its glossy grey shade, blends effortlessly with the room's neutral palette, while its chic structure adds a shapely eccentricity to the lounge. Those cushy, rounded seats and accent cushions bring a cosiness that we all love our lounges to have. 

Check out how the large picture window frames the room to ensure the space is sun-drenched throughout the day. A blue hue adds brilliance to the curtain ensemble with the slight ripple effect acting as a subtle nautical hint.

A peaceful master bedroom

The soft punches of colour, including that piercing black for the television cabinet, make this master bedroom a special feature of the house. Crafted with malleable plastic sheets and lined with LED lights, the unique wall cabinet is gorgeously fashioned in the shape of mirrored steps. 

We love how the peaceful bed sheets, playful pillows and sweeping curtains evoke a calming atmosphere. Also pay attention to the interlocking design of the main ceiling light, which has a touch of Art Deco. 

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