5 spectacular small bathroom transformations

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The bathroom is one of the most important but oft-neglected areas of the house when it comes to style and decor. However, this is the room in which we spend some of the most crucial and refreshing times of the day, and it surely deserves some care and attention! In particular, when a bathroom becomes shoddy, cluttered or dingy over time, it must be revamped for practical, as well as aesthetic reasons. So take a look at 5 brilliant transformations of this vital space executed by expert architects, and get inspired to bring about some amazing changes to your own bathroom, too!

1. Before: a state of grimy disrepair

Before - Bathroom homify



Missing tiles contribute to the dilapidated appearance of this small and shabby bathroom, and the mould on the walls and fixtures makes this a grim, unsanitary space.

After: sparkling modern beauty

What an astounding change! The stylish white décor, sleek fittings, recessed lights and large mirror make this a modern delight. The wooden veneer of the washbasin cabinet provides an elegant contrast to the dazzling whiteness all around.

2. Before: a dismal sight

What a tacky bathroom! The shower screen is terrible, the fixtures deplorable, and the tiles look completely mismatched.

After: designer delight

Now this is one phenomenal makeover rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Design Mellow. We applaud the rich monochromatic splendour of the renovated bathroom, and just look at the stylish sanitary wares and mood lighting! The large mirror creates an illusion of space while the shower area is now a recess behind an elegant glass panel.

3. Before: ghastly colour scheme

We dread to ask what the inspiration was for this nightmare look! Small brown tiles have taken over the bathroom horribly. Teamed with a white and blue curtain and a beige toilet seat – can there be a worse décor scheme?

After: serene ambiance

The transformation to a contemporary all-white bathroom is such a relief! The simple yet stylish sanitary fixtures, the large mirror and the glass panels come together in an elegant, minimalist concoction.

4. Before: unattractive colours

Aesthetically appealing this is not! Apricot-hued tiles and a purple toilet seat seriously do not match. And what on earth is the purpose of the orange and purple stripes on either side of the doorway?

After: white elegance

Straight lines in an all-white bathroom make for a vast improvement! The space now looks modern, airy and elegant with its large mirror, glass panels and linear simplicity.

5. Before: much to be desired

There is nothing good to say about this drab, mediocre bathroom. The large air vent is an eyesore in this cramped space, and why has that corner been wasted and left in the dark?

After: vintage appeal

Now, isn’t this a beautiful bathroom for the family? We love the vintage look of the washbasin cabinets and fittings that adds a big dollop of personality to the modern bathroom. The large mirror is a perfect fit, while the colourful fish design in the bathtub is a cute addition for the children.

With these five marvellous renovation ideas, get inspired to transform your bathroom into a bright and cheerful space! Here’s another makeover story you'll love: The chic makeover of a tiny apartment.

Which of these bathroom transformations is your favourite?

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