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Tried and truly tested, tiles have stood for generations as a popular, versatile and sensational floor covering—from simple square formations to complex mosaics, tiles of all shapes and sizes offer abundant stylistic options in terms of colour and quality, more so than any of their other flooring counterparts. Commonly constructed from ceramic or stone, floor tiles offer an ample range including marble, stone, cement, glass, slate and, thanks to recent advances in technology, even rubber. As one of the most practical and stylish flooring options for the home it can often seem difficult knowing where to start when it comes to choosing a product that is so varied in terms of style, design, colour, size and durability. To ensure you are not baffled by the bulk of possibilities currently available in today’s market, check out these helpful aesthetic hints below and ensure you select a tile that will not only become a timeless addition to your home, but something stylish, elegant and hard-wearing.

Spanish influence

These delightful square checkerboard diamonds show how easy it is to ensure that your tiled floor is impressive and opulent. The slight contrast between the red and black tones combined with the high gloss finish ensures the space is not overly vibrant but striking with a sense of affluence and mystery. This Spanish inspired design highlights the importance of selecting the correct floor tile and presents a design that employs subtle and simple furniture counterbalanced by eccentric walls and flooring.

Perfectly coordinated

Is coordination and organisation your passion? Do you strive to create a home that is balanced in both tone and hue? If so, then ensure you pick a floor tile that will guarantee you feel comfortable and sophisticated. This example shows how furniture and floor tiles can be matched to coordinate perfectly within the same colour scheme—simply choose a muted floor tile with sporadic patterns, add complementary wall colour, muted industrial themed furniture and accessories for a seriously harmonious space.

Kitchen runner

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For the runner rug that isn’t quite there, this tiled illusion presents a space that is clean, charming and above all striking in its simplicity. The kitchen and joinery are subtle and recessive, while the decorative statement relies heavily on the floor tiling; the bright contrasting colours lead the eye forward and create a vista towards the view beyond.

Bedroom and wall feature

Tiles in the bedroom don’t necessarily seem like a logical choice, often we want our cosy hideaways restful, sumptuous and soft, which is why carpet is commonly seen as the most rational preference. Tiles can however offer ease of cleaning, versatility for the space and with underfloor heating, can be just as luxurious as a carpeted room. This space utilises neutral hued tiles for both the floor and coordinates a complimentary tile for an impressive and creative feature wall. Consider this option if you wish for flexibility when it comes to your room; should the bedroom be moved within the apartment or home, you will find tiles a sound and comfortable choice.

Checkerboard mastery

For true tradition and style, look no further than contrasting black and white marble checkerboard tiles. The combination of black and white decor is effective in almost all design projects and no less in this opulent and elegant bathroom. If you want classic taste and sophistication, consider distinct tessellated design for a room that is dazzling, elegant and stylish.

Indoor garden conservatory

If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory or winter garden in your home or apartment, then you will possibly have one or several indoor plants brightening up the space. Consider a simple tiled floor for this space to ensure convenience and a space that is hard-wearing enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and potential water from indoor plants.

Outdoor terrace

For the ultimate in luxury, these oversized tiles are sandblasted to protect from slipping during the icy months, furthermore they offer a contemporary spin on the common deck and ensure a space that is easy to clean during winter plus hard-wearing and low maintenance during summer.

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