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A difficult location is a common challenge for architects, but it can also lead the home design in an interesting direction. Today we will explore a Korean home where this may have been the case. The free-standing multi-level home is built on the edge of a city. It is set in a sparsely built up residential area, but a series of high-rise apartment buildings have an imposing presence on the site. Although these buildings aren't close enough to block natural light, they do have a drastic impact on the outlook and privacy of the home. As a solution, the architects at WoodenHouse created a property that splays away from the towers in a sort of triangular layout. Let's check it out in photos…

Modern peaked roof

The home has a peaked roof and covers three levels. It also has a good outdoor deck, small semi-circular garden and a very private little porch. The home has a two-toned exterior with a striking black roof. There are lots of windows in a multitude of configurations and the home has a cosy, almost whimsical feel. We love the little winding stone path. This is a contemporary home with a friendly, family-style spirit. Finally, check out the wooden entrance. The same wood has been used on the floor and walls to define this space and give the entrance a particularly warm and inviting feel.

Triangular entrance

The unusual shape of the home is most evident in the entrance and hallway. The wooded area directly in front is the entrance area where guests might hang their coast and remove their shoes. This area has a unique internal window that really serves to increase the welcoming air of the home. It also helps maximise light-flow. What's really interesting here though is the triangular shape of the hallway.

Sunken office space under the stairs

The hallway has a large wooden staircase and a very interesting little study under the stairs. The study has been created with a sunken floor at one end that creates the perfect little seating area. The big generous storage cabinets also add some extra function. As a whole, this little home office feels very cosy and warm. This ambience is undoubtedly due to the warm effect of natural wood.

Friendly modern decor

Bright light floods the entire interior of the home but there are few big openings facing the city-side of the home. Here we get a glimpse of the ceiling window panels and small side windows. They are very effective inviting light into the home without sacrificing the occupants' privacy. Finally, note the friendly modern decor in the home. This is due to the combination of natural materials such as brick and wood, combined with glossy black finishes. We love the wicker hanging chair!

Bright and private living room

The living room has a high ceiling and a narrow layout. It leads to the outdoor entertaining area that swerves in a whole other direction. It also makes the most of the little greenery surrounding the home. From this angle you might never know there are huge apartment blocks just out of view! Also, note how the double set of windows on the wall give the home a lot of light.

Unique attic bedroom

The attic bedroom has a very unique warm feel. The narrow panel window provides a perfectly framed view of some natural fauna while the ceiling skylights add a whole lot of natural light. Most people focus on the aesthetic benefits of a peaked roof from the outside, but as we can see here, there are a whole lot of benefits to the interior shape of such a roof. The angle adds a definite cosy feel to any space. It's obviously best to use the lowered end for storage where the restricted head-space won't be an issue.

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