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Now, you may not be a full-on zodiac devotee but—let's be honest—it's fun to think about once in a while. Just where do you get your explosive temper from? Or that penchant for making lists? While we're not claiming it to be an exact—or indeed any kind of—science, astrology has an uncanny tendency to ring a few bells with us.

So why not turn to the stars in your quest for a home? Find out the kind of dwelling those under your sign are suited to, and see where that leads! There's no harm in it, and—who knows—you might just end up with your dream house…

Aquarius: a house full of light

An aquarius needs a home that will please them every day. It is very important for them to be close to friends, relatives, and social hotspots, so a house in the tourist area with beach or chalets to choose from is perfect.

Leo: modern artistry

Lions don't like being second best. They are the kings of the jungles and their homes must reflect their personality. An Art Nouveau-style home with its tell-tale curvy lines might be the perfect fit for these fierce folk. But if you're a Leo and looking for something less ostentatious, this eco-friendly German-Polish project with its quaint cottage-look and a stylish modern decor is for you.

Sagittarius: privacy and modesty

The archers of the zodiac are known for not being in the same place too long, considering their home as a storage space for the treasures they bring back from their many travels. Which is why a lock and go, low maintenance home is ideal for them as they traipse across the world

Pisces: the forever house

Pisces tend to be adventurous buyers, with a penchant for last minute purchases. A manor away from civilization for a modest price might capture your attention, more than an apartment in the city centre. In addition, Pisces sincerely believe that tradition is better than innovation, so a Dutch-style thatched roof house might be right for them.

Cancer: American style

Cancers are often like the traditional way of life and try to meet certain standards. They are often drawn to the kinds of homes seen in wholesome Hollywood movies, and they are willing to subscribe to every point of the modern American dream—a modern house in the suburbs, a family with several children, a perfect lawn, and a good job.

Gemini: minimalism and gloss

Twins want only one thing—happiness and a home that provides it. They like modern styles, luxury accents and spectacular solutions. But the most important thing is that they want to live in a warm and beautiful place, with a pool and landscape views—Gemini does not do well in a cold climate!

Scorpio: modernity and fashion

Scorpios are ready to experiment—an ultra-modern home, free from tradition and cliche. A modern, minimalist house is ideal, but it still needs to be charming, family-oriented and perfectly clean. Most of all, a Scorpio house needs to stand out.

Virgo: an aristocratic estate

Virgin love architecture that means something. A certain style with its own history, whether it's an English estate, a French chateau or a Spanish-style colonial house will entice them. Their home should have a purpose, and attention should be paid to the smallest details.

Capricorn: stability and sex appeal

Capricorns desire stability and massive architecture that expresses strength. The men might favour large-scale monolithic projects that boast modernity. While women might prefer something stylish but effortlessly easy, a home with a few frills such as a dressing room, plenty of storage and an attic.

Libra: stylish Art Nouveau

Libra loves harmony—comfort and price, modern finishes and their way of life, so they will often choose a house in Art Nouveau style. German, Polish, and Scandinavian architecture in particular will set their hearts alight!

Aries: a fun-loving home

Since Aries represents birth and is also known as the infant sign of the zodiac, fiery Arians would be immediately attracted to the reddish hues of this childish and fun-loving exterior, a factor that is enhanced by the blue window frames. It’s unconventional and definitely not serious.

Taurus: a private oasis

A Taurus always knows what they want—the best possible option! If they have an opportunity to buy a home abroad—or even just a luxury cottage or an apartment—they will take the leap, because they know it signifies stability and progress. However, a private oasis with a swimming pool on a chic island getaway is their real dream!

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