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Cristiane Bergesch Arquitetura e Interiores
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Every once in a while, you come across a space that is so creatively designed and thought through, that all you can do is doff your hat to the designer. On today's 360°, we explore such an apartment, but one that is made special for a number of reasons. First off, it's a 57sqm space that has been completely remodelled but what is even more interesting is that in its earlier avatar, only 34sqm was utilised! The remodelling project was undertaken by the talented Sao Paolo-based architect Christiane Bergesch who took up all that unused space and incorporated it into the new revamped design. Today, the apartment gives out a more fluid and comfortable vibe and has the added bonus of a balcony!

But it isn't simply the fact that the space is larger today but how it has been made more spacious. When you hear 57sqm, you're not going to factor in that the space may have two levels but that's what you'll find here. But creativity is the word du jour here, and this is also illustrated in the eye for design and the colourful palette of the apartment. Interesting details pepper the space making it an even more vibrant home. Let's take a look at this fantastic remodelling. 

Inspiring small spaces

Creative details make all the difference in a limited space such as this. The normally unused space underneath the concrete stairs houses a simple glass shelf that has been styled as a vignette of sorts while simultaneously providing stylish storage. The vibrant Indian-style foot stools adds an eye-catching contrast to the calm neutrals of the space. 

The wooden-panelled focus wall adds a distinctive warmth to the space but also serves another very utilitarian purpose: it hides those annoying wires of the TV devices. Simple ideas such as this can contribute to creating a clutter-free and more organised environment. 

Artistic appeal

Let's all just pause for a second and admire this colourful little dining area This newly integrated space was formerly the terrace that was largely unused by the owner. To still give it the feel of an outdoor space, the architect built in a glass ceiling that floods the limited area with maximum natural light. The balcony adjacent to the dining room is now used as a space for cookouts as well as for drying laundry. 

In a small space such as this, it is prudent to keep furniture at a minimum but no-one said anything about not letting loose with colours! The bright artistic elements here give the dining room a unique character. 

Soothing spaces

Moving onto the bathroom, we see a small space that has been designed in a modern and minimalist fashion that makes the most of the available space. Almost entirely done up in white, the narrow bathroom has been outfitted with large mirrors on both sides—above the vanity and on the cabinet—making the space appear more open that it is and giving it greater depth. 

The architect also opted for sliding doors at the entrance instead of a conventional door, a clever design trick to gain additional space. Even though the bathroom is small, it has a luxurious and elegant feel to it that you'd normally associate with a spa. 

Space gains

Much like the bathroom, the kitchen is also a fairly limited space. But clever design has left it lacking for nothing. Once again, white takes the foreground and perfectly complements the wooden features that add a touch of warmth and character to the kitchen. 

Overhead cabinets are kept to a minimum to avoid making the space appear smaller. Enough storage cabinets were factored in to ensure that utensils and cooking items wouldn't be lying around creating a cluttered look. If you are struggling with a tiny kitchen that is cramping your style, speak to our experts who can give you space-saving tricks and tips.

Big on ideas

The cosy bedroom, though small, is big on warmth and comfort. Notice the dropped ceiling with molding that allows the LED lights to infuse the whole room with a warm glow. There are also tons of space-saving tricks here: for example, in place of a traditional nightstand there is a floating one here that is ideal for small bedrooms. Similar to the other spaces in this apartment, the bedroom too has sliding doors creating space gain. Additionally, the closets to the left (out of frame) have been outfitted with large mirrors that not only offer a greater sense of space but also helps distribute the light evenly. 

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