120m² house that satisfied parents in their 30s and their 3 kids

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Today’s feature property takes us to South Korea to check out a 128m² family home with a twist. Situated in a residential location, the land was part of the local conservation management area. This stipulated certain conditions with regards to the plot volume that the dwelling could occupy. The land coverage ratio specified a 20% proportion, meaning the home needed to be designed with innovation and creativity. 

Unlike many family dwellings, this home boasts a twist. It has been shaped and formed by the family itself, with plenty of open spaces and an interior that helps the young couple manage their two young children and newborn baby. In order to achieve their desired abode, they enlisted the assistance of Home Style Tote, a Seoul-based firm who employed originality and ingenuity, tailored perfectly to the family’s needs.

Would you like to see how this home turned out? Come and take a tour with us, by checking out the impressive images below!

A combination of textures and tones

First up, the timber deck utilises natural timber and is perfect for those sunny summer days. When the weather is nice, this enjoyable space allows individuals inside the home to open the large glazed concertina doors and let the outside ‘in’. The timber works well against he clean stucco, and additionally provides privacy for those sitting inside.

Compact and in-keeping with the surrounding landscape

Set on a reinforced concrete foundation, this dwelling certainly packs a solid punch with its bright façade, and striking detailing. Shot at dusk, the homes orange stucco works beautifully against the setting sun and the bright pink hues in the sky. Soulful and interesting, we can’t wait to check out the inside of this intriguing home. As we head closer towards the entrance of the abode, we can also glimpse the positioning of the dwelling upon its block of land. 

Due to the strict land management in this rural location, the architects needed to ensure the structure only covered 20% of the land. This is a blessing in disguise, as the house now boasts a large and open garden for the children to play within.

The mini pool!

Wow, we bet you didn’t see that one coming! This wonderful plunge pool was hiding underneath the timber covering, ensuring safety for children and pets. This neat addition is sure to be the top spot to sit on a hot day, adding to the fun and functionality of this family dwelling.

A playground for children and parents alike

This dwelling has certainly been built to cater for its tinier occupants. The large front garden space provides a huge area for the family’s children to play, while the swimming pool, timber deck and grass space are suitable for all weather conditions.

A bright, organised and interesting entry

As we enter the home, we initially pass through the mudroom, which functions as a buffer area for the rest of the abode. It is here that individuals can leave their jackets, coats, shoes and other accoutrements. Thankfully, the designers have ensured the space stays neat and tidy, by including plenty of storage and seating.

The amazing double-height kitchen

Moving inside the main living area of the home, we are offered a chance to check out the chef’s kitchen. This inclusive room is gorgeously appointed with contemporary fittings and fixtures, and makes a statement thanks to the double height ceiling.

Wonderfully bright, open and airy, the void offers a gallery area upstairs, while ensuring cohesion and movement between the individual living zones and storeys.

A multi-function, family-friendly home theatre and gym

As if this dwelling couldn’t have any more surprises, we are shocked to see there is a theatre room and gym! Ideal for watching a film together, the screens can be pulled down when the projector is required, and left up to let in natural light.

The hobby room and home office

This is no normal hobby room and home office; this is a professional space bursting at the seams with style and sophistication. With bespoke cabinetry and areas for the many machines, this area is ideal for those with a serious passion for tailoring.

A truly exciting staircase!

As we mentioned earlier, this house has a twist. It is built for the children, as well as the parents, and because of this, we see plenty of family friendly spaces. This image shows that fact very clearly. Instead of the children having to walk down the stairs, the architects have added a slippery slide for them to casually coast on down, safely and excitedly. Additionally, built in cupboards sit within this area, adding essential storage and a space to sit.

Bringing the outside in, and connecting the internal spaces

Coming to the end of our tour we head upstairs to the gallery space to look down at the kitchen and informal dining. With a friendly and cheerful aesthetic, this home utilises creativity and innovation to produce a space that is perfect for adults and their children alike.

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