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Renovating a home is never an easy task. There are plenty of domestic considerations to take into account, as well as the many stylistic possibilities. The best thing you can do for yourself when planning or undertaking a refurbishment is to have a clear plan. As well as consulting a professional architect or designer, there are three questions you should ask yourself:

1. What do you really need?

Do you have children who need a playroom? Do you often work from home and require a private workspace? We often have many needs and requirements, which is why you need to ask the next question…

2. Do you have enough space?

Sure, you want a swimming pool… but do you really have room for one?

3. What is the budget?

Once you’ve got a clear idea of your requirements and space restrictions, you need to manage and create your budget.

Want to see 5 fabulous before and after renovations to provide a little inspiration? Check them out below!

A major renovation and refurbishment

The first house we are taking a look at has undergone a complete modification and transformation. This project involved a complete demolition of some interior walls, while other walls were built to accommodate a new layout.

In this image we can see the entrance to the home, which is indicative of many dwellings and their floor plans. The first room with the French doors offers a kitchen space and dining room, while the room to the right will house a more private room. Bricks have been added in a curved formation, which will create a curved wall once built. Dynamic and interesting, we cannot wait to see how this space eventuates once it’s complete. By demolishing the walls, the designers were able to rethink the internal spaces, providing a more modern and considered approach.

In this image we see the first phase of the project, while the second is a slightly more advance stage.

In this final image, the original home is almost unrecognisable! The French doors can be seen at the end of the room, while the fresh kitchen is totally chic and sleek. The curved wall helps create openness for the space, while still ensuring the layout is private and well segregated. With in built LED lighting, the desired goal for light and spacious aesthetic was definitely achieved.

Reshaping and renewing 66m²

Next up we head inside a dowdy and dull interior that is definitely in need of a helping hand! Originally the floor plan showed how the area was subdivided prior to the renovations. The kitchen and living area shared a common balcony that overlooked the city, while a wall separated each space. You can check this out in the first floor plan below. In addition, the entrance was enclosed, lacking a sense of openness.

In the new and updated dwelling, the vibe and aura is chic and enticing. Alluring, with its open floor plan, the living and kitchen space are now one large room. The colour scheme is light and bright, offering a sense of warmth and a desirably hospitable aesthetic.

As we take one last look at the new floor plan, we see how the architects have opened up walls, the entrance space, and the kitchen to create a gorgeously modern update. A second bathroom has been added, with a 90cm x 90xm entry-level shower. By working with this newly formed layout, the bedroom was provided a luxury en suite.

An incredible transformation of an unattractive home with a gorgeous garden

This next home was falling apart, neglected and disused. Unfortunately, due to its abandoned state, the beautiful green garden outside was not being utilised to its full potential. Large French doors offer a new view to the lush outdoor space, bringing a huge volume of natural illumination into the now open plan room. A white colour scheme adds modernity, while timber flooring imparts cosiness and warmth.

From disaster to delightful!

Our fourth project illustrates a hallway and corridor that has been given a renewed sense of modernity. Along the hall, bespoke joinery adds practicality and usefulness, with plenty of storage to house domestic odds and ends. Similar to the previous example, a white colour scheme is paired with timber flooring that is both classic and timeless.

Walking down the hall we enter the new kitchen and dining room. It is here that the warmth of the interior is seen, and paired with contemporary fixtures and amenities.

60m² modified from horrible to harmonious

This 60 square metre home is in a real dire state. Located in Turin, Italy, the owner wanted to use the space as an airbnb space for visiting tourists. Originally the dwelling was comprised of 3 separate vaults built in 1905. These needed to be opened up to provide spacious and comfortable living quarters. Let’s see how it turned out…

The newly updated rooms are filled with rustic modernity, and a wonderful sense of innovation. Textured walls are industrial in their approach, while soft furnishings are gorgeously cosy. 2/3 of the property was utilised as living space, while the last third is the bedroom and bathroom.

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Which renovation has inspired you the most?

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