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When it comes to apartment living, we’re all fairly familiar with the standard ‘cookie cutter’ abode that is neither interesting nor unique. The fact is, apartments are in such high demand they are often built without individuality or originality. Today on homify we’re going to change that! 

We’ve collated 9 apartments that boast unique features, helping to improve their ambience and atmosphere. These dwellings are a cut above the rest, and we hope they inspire you to add, improve, rejuvenate and reinvent your abode. 

From striking spiral staircases to unique layouts, there is definitely something to suit every taste and preference. So, whether you find yourself partial to old style homes with impressive bay windows or compact studio apartments, read on below and gather a few tips and tricks to enhance your home! Let’s begin…

1. A beautiful big bay window

Knightsbridge Apartment TLA Studio
TLA Studio

Knightsbridge Apartment

TLA Studio

First up we take a peek inside a truly desirable apartment, and one that boasts a lavish feature. This bay window is large, luxurious, and works perfectly against the heritage style of the home’s architecture.

2. A compact kitchenette

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이 Modern kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

When it comes to small apartments, it’s often easy to forget they need to be practical as well as liveable. In this example, we see how the designers have opted for multi-purpose furniture. This seamlessly provides functionality within the room, as well as a neat and tidy setup. As an added benefit, and perfect for a student, there is also a pull out desk for some late night study sessions.

3. Wonderful whirlpools

This unique home feature takes us inside the en suite of a lovely master bedroom. Here the architects and bathroom planners have included a large and relaxing tub, with whirlpool function, and a clear glass room divider to keep things open and romantic.

4. A green wall, and luxury cloakroom

For that added sense of opulence, it pays to have a cloakroom to store your guests (as well as your own) coats, jackets and outerwear. In this gorgeously designed apartment, there is a long bench seat, a cloakroom hidden behind sliding doors, as well as an illuminated green wall to add live and vivacity to the sleek space.

5. A central, multi-purpose island

This compact apartment has embraced the kitchen as its central feature, and improved the layout to include a multi-purpose, highly unique island. With a fold out dining table, oven, stove and plenty of storage, it is a unique alternative to traditional designs.

6. An eye-catching central staircase

Definitely not the only attention-grabbing feature within this home, the spiral staircase takes centre stage, and is flanked by some wild, eye-catching furniture that is sure to add a unique and individual touch.

7. An internal balcony and mezzanine

In this home the ceiling height was so high, it allowed the architects to create a mezzanine room with its very own balcony indoors!

8. A huge opening window

We adore this home design that takes minimalism, and pairs it with simplicity and style. The large glazed window provides a gorgeous view of the scene beyond, and can be opened up completely to provide access to the terrace.

9. A glazed bedroom cube

Studio living can be tricky, but not if you home looks like this one! With a large glazed bedroom cube, the room oozes sophistication and style, as well as offering the small space a sense of privacy and segregation.

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Which apartment feature would you most like in your home? 

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