9 backyard ideas to copy right now!

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When it comes to relaxing, resting and taking some time out from a busy or hectic schedule, there really isn’t anything better than the comfort of your own home. If you have a private space, it's crucial you design it in a way that suits your desired aesthetic and ambience. Lacking ideas or inspiration? You’re in luck, because today we are going to be checking out 9 garden designs you are definitely going to want to copy! When working with an exterior space, it’s important to utilise each area intelligently and creatively.

Whether it’s the lighting, the colours, the choice of plants or perhaps the furniture, there is definitely something to suit everyone’s taste or preference. So come with us and check out some stylish gardens that are sure to inspire and impress. Let’s take a look…

1. All-weather pergolas

Pergolas complement a space and can add finesse as well as practicality to a courtyard. In addition to looking stylish and welcoming, they offer an all-weather alternative, which is modern and romantically enchanting.

2. Warm, welcoming and effortlessly stylish

Is your outdoor space cold and unwelcoming? To break up a sense of coldness or a lack of emotion in your garden, you need to work on your lighting and choice of plant life.

Shrubs that grow vertically against a wall are a good solution, and add harmonious elegance.

3. Entice your visitors, with an outdoor living room!

Ensure you and your guests feel at ease and comfy with an outdoor living room. In this space, upholstered sofas impart a feeling of warmth and cosiness, while the sturdy furniture ensures functionality for every event or occasion.

4. Work on your lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference to the overall vibe and ambience within an outdoor space. This garden shows you how you can work with different illumination to create an alluring and enticing aura, while infusing uniqueness and creativity.

5. Decorate vertically

In this well-landscaped outdoor garden, we see how the vertical gardens add personality and character to the design. Wooden shelves allow for interesting accoutrements, in addition to plenty of greenery and foliage.

6. Embracing the scenery

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space with a view, you should ensure you value it and make it a focal point of your garden. Residing at higher elevation helps an outdoor space feel impressive and unique, while the outlook imparts originality and luxury.

7. The courtyard with everything

This courtyard brings together everything one might want in a garden. Offering a place to exercise, relax, eat and socialise, this exterior area is one space you are not going to want to leave!

8. A place to express your personality and character

This designer garden is a brilliantly characterful space that works in conjunction with the architectural style of the home. Bright, lively and vivacious, each element has been carefully considered and produces a welcoming yet distinctive aesthetic.

9. The domestic getaway

With a range of activities, places to relax and serene ambience, this garden ticks all of the boxes. While upholstered modular seating has been built into the corner of the deck area, there is also a large dining space, sun bathing spot, and large swimming pool to keep everyone in the family busy and happy.

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Which garden is your favourite? Leave your selection in the comments!

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