9 low-cost ways to beautify your Singapore apartment

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There comes a time for every homeowner or renter, when one’s abode just isn’t living up to its potential or desired expectations. This usually happens slowly over time, but luckily, can be fixed rather inexpensively and quickly. Today on homify we’re going to take a look at 9 low-cost ways to beautify your Singapore apartment.

Generally, most of us rely on Google searches, Pinterest, reading glossy house magazines, and a dash of our own design sense to build our desired dwelling’s décor. However, all of these options often mean we need to spend a fair amount of money to achieve what we want.

If you’re on a budget, saving money or watching your paycheck you should read on below for some fabulous budget friendly beautification tricks!

1. A neutral colour scheme

Beautiful interiors often come with only a few colours and shades inside. Opt for a neutral palette and watch your room transform from sloppy to sophisticated!

2. Indoor plants

Black and White Enamel Pot rigby & mac Garden Accessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Black and White Enamel Pot

rigby & mac

Indoor plants add an instant sense of life and energy to any room of the home. For added style, choose fab pots and vases to plant them within.

3. Clearing bathroom clutter with a new cabinet

Professional interior designers know how clutter can affect a home. Ensure your dwelling is neat and tidy by installing some new storage, and getting rid of anything that doesn’t below. Expired lotions, medications and messy hair ties we are looking at you!

4. A statement mirror

In this bedroom a good mirror oozes luxury, style and pizzazz, and can be purchased for very little from local thrift stores or second hand shops. If you cannot afford the one you like (mirrors can be pricey!) consider a DIY or renovation of an older mirror, and refurbish a disused item to keep.

5. Throw cushions

Scrunch cushion Loaf Living roomAccessories & decoration

Scrunch cushion


Throw cushions are one of the fastest, easiest and budget ways to update your home’s décor. If you fancy yourself a sewer, you might want to attempt a DIY project (two old silk scarfs look neat sewn together!). Opt for something neat and comfortable, and fill your home with a new vibe and aura.

6. Wall art

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

Wall art doesn’t have to cost a fortune; in fact, you can easily create your own with nothing more than a little ingenuity. Consider printing some photos you have taken, or try your hand at some collage or painting. Once you frame and hang them on the wall, you’ll be surprised how great your new room looks.

7. A beautiful wallpaper mural

Bellewood homify Scandinavian style walls & floors



If painting or photography is a little too much effort, why not opt for a feature wall of wallpaper? Wallpaper comes in a range of different styles, and can instantly beautify and transform a space.

8. Replace you kitchen cupboard doors

Is your kitchen getting you down? Consider refacing the cabinets and cupboard doors, and substituting them with something sleek and fresh. Refacing is cheaper than replacement, and saves you a huge amount of time too!

9. A mounted television

If you have a television in a room of your home, you’ll be surprised how fabulously sleek it looks mounted on the wall. A bracket to mount your television costs very little, but will improve your interior décor tenfold.

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Do you have any other budget tips or tricks for our readers? 

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