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The elements: the building blocks of our earth and our universe—from alkalis to noble gases, actinides to metalloids, the one group that throughout history has attracted humans time and time again, are the transition metals, Ag 47, Au79, Cu29 and Pt78, or as we know them, silver, gold, copper and platinum. Trends may come and go, but precious metals are here to stay, from the ancient Egyptians to present-day royalty, these elements have established themselves as timeless and valuable interior decoration pieces. Do you want to follow in the footsteps of yesteryears nobility and add a little luxury to your domestic space, a little opulence and pizzazz, a dash of excitement? Look no further than luxe metallic decor—gold, pewter, silver, and bronze, there exists a hue for every taste and preference. 

Take a look at the examples below and let Homify help you decorate or refresh your domestic space with a timeless interior style that will create a bold and classic ambience with a hint of fairytale whimsicality and glamour.

Dining room statement

For the ultimate in statement lighting, these matching gold hanging light fittings are truly a sight to behold—ensuring the room is neither bland nor boring, this pair of opulent pendants lights guarantee the space a sense of luxury, of vivacity and rich magnificence, all whilst maintaining a cool, nonchalant confidence.

Ethnic luminosity

Do you want to incorporate a sense of metallic wonderment, without resorting to flashy over the top shine and ostentation? Consider a gold that is slightly brushed or faded coupled with ethnic prints and select curios. Moreover, tone down the obviousness of the gold with a feature wall or another equally stirring piece of furniture or bed linen.

Shiny kitchen accessories

Who says breakfast must be a quick and routine event? Take the perfunctory monotony out of your morning tedium and spice it up with some metallic breakfast accessories. This gold cup-less eggcup is striking, artistic, and lends itself to either everyday use, or that special brunch with friends.

Living room luxe

Simple, neat and stylish light. Retro or not, it shines! Italian Lights and Furniture Ltd Living roomLighting
Italian Lights and Furniture Ltd

Simple, neat and stylish light. Retro or not, it shines!

Italian Lights and Furniture Ltd

To create a real statement in an otherwise typical lounge space, simply add unconventional modern light fitting, in a dazzling and eye-catching metallic hue. Prominently hung low above the coffee table, this ensures the bold vivacity of your new showpiece will not go unnoticed and guarantee the room is bold and full of flair.

Spectacular sake cups

Kuzushi - Yure (A sake cup/ small bowl) Rin crossing KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware
Rin crossing

Kuzushi—Yure (A sake cup/ small bowl)

Rin crossing

Make an exhibition of your next dinner with some artful and alluring sake cups that will brighten your get-together and instil a sense of style and elusive grace. Perfectly combining silver and gold, these kitchen must-haves work as either a bright addition to any party, or simply as a cute alternative to jewellery holders—simply pop your earrings in one, and rings in another, for that bit of zing in the bed or dressing room.

Traditional bathroom opulence

Back to traditional basics with this tasteful and stunning bath/shower combination—old is new again, and the addition of heavy gold embellishment on the clawfoot tub, combined with the shower curtain rail, fittings and towel rack, all ensure this space is opulent, classic and a timeless ‘on-trend’ style.

Metallic home accoutrements

Add a hint of sparkle and zing to any area of your home with metallic home accoutrements in gold and silver. These wonderful coral-shaped tea light candles would work perfectly in any bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or lounge and give a nice element of luxuirous opulence, whilst maintaining a subtlety and sophistication.

Gleaming bedside table

Do you have a piece of furniture that is slightly timeworn, a little unsightly, or perhaps in need of some renovation? Consider restoring it with a metallic paint such as this wonderful bedside table. Immediately the room will be injected with a bright luminosity and suddenly your old unattractive gear will act as a centrepiece for the room’s decor.

Geometric picture frame

Industrial Dwell BedroomAccessories & decoration



Trends come and go, but don’t let those memories fade along with them—invest in a set of up-to-the-minute and fashionable picture frames that will ensure you make the most of your cherished moments or celebrations, as well as staying up to date with an addition of trendy luxe metallic to your domestic space.

Combining metallic hues

Who says you can’t combine different metallic hues? This wonderful example demonstrates how an infusion of different tones can surprisingly work extremely well. Rose, copper, silver, gold, platinum are all open to a mix-and-match scenario, just ensure you keep the surrounding decor clean and uncluttered—think polished concrete floors, white walls, picture windows and modern art, to create a space that is smart and chic.

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