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Natural materials not only offer sustainable advantages when designing and constructing a new home, but they also provide a number of invisible benefits. Many construction methods, as well as components used during the building of a home, employ the use of harsh chemicals. Solvents and drying agents that out-gas from paints are just one example that can be a huge contributor to allergy problems within an abode. These synthesised compounds are often unnecessary, and easily replaced by natural alternatives. 

Enter T House—a dwelling designed by the team at Artect Design, and located in the city of Omura, within the Nagasaki Prefecture. This one-storey residence has been artfully built to minimise allergy issues suffered by children that will live within the home. Ventilation was increased, and the external insulation method employed organic principles. 

Completed in August 2010, the detached free-standing house is situated on a 397.00m² plot, with the home occupying 144.39m². If you would like to take a tour of this terrific timber home, check out the images below, and get some inspiration for your new home or domestic renovation.

Photography by Izutsu YoSusumu.

A warm and welcoming abode

From the rear of this home we are instantly invited to enjoy the warmth and inviting atmosphere of the alluring interior. The general form of the house is box-like in shape, and yet, feels as though it is in-keeping with the surrounding landscape, and does not impart a bad or unwelcome impression. 

Here in this image we are able to see the covered exterior patio space. This is again like an empty box, and gives the occupant the perfect place to entertain friends, or family. The adjacent timber-clad structure is large, and we are able to see the exterior insulating properties of the wood covering. The home is well thought out, and feels as though it is a modular home, with differing segments that have been pulled apart and turned into luxury accommodation. 

The parking space

Here we get a glimpse of the front of the house, with the private garage space. The timber cladding is seen once again, and this is a gorgeous contrasting element when paired with the all-white rendered home. The general shape and form of the house is intriguing, and from the rear looks like a pair of intersecting boxes, yet from the front offers a different architectural aesthetic. 

The overall feeling of this home is privacy. The garage space can be closed and allows for the individuals to park their car, and enter the home through the interior door. Additionally, there are few windows to the exterior front façade of the dwelling. This keeps the prying eyes of the neighbours away, and essentially creates a peaceful sense of isolation and serenity. The only window that can be seen is the small hopper style opening within the centre of the fascia. This brings a little light into the home, however the majority of the natural light is injected into the home mainly from the rear of the building. On the right hand side, we can also see the secondary entry to the enclosed courtyard, this is a handy door that allows for individuals to enter and exit into the front gravel yard. 

A child-friendly living room

Despite the low-maintenance gravel garden, and sleek minimalist exterior design, the interior of the home is surprisingly family-friendly and warm. Here in this picture we see the main living room space, with comfy shag rug, and plenty of space for the three children to play. 

The highlight of this room is the huge wall mounted audio-visual equipment The television sits on a wall panel that is backlit with LED lighting, evoking luxury and warmth within the room. The colour scheme is white, and paired with neutral hues that exudes a homely yet characterful ambience. To the right of this image we see the dining table and chairs. The furniture is a light pinkish beech tone, which works wonderfully with the timber flooring. 

Additionally, abundant storage has been added throughout the home, and has made excellent use of the wall space, providing an area for children's toys, linen, and all of those other necessary home accoutrements. 

Versatility and praciticality

Looking from the other direction we are provided a slight peek into the kitchen. This room is wonderfully large and modern, with the cook-top facing the living room, ensuring the parents are able to watch their children while they cook. The exhaust fan above prevents any nasty smells entering the living space, and the glass splashback stops the spills and sprays while cooking. 

In the corner of the room there is a small study space for the children to do their homework, or play on the computer. Each area of this living zone has been wonderfully incorporated into the next, imparting a cohesive feeling and vibe. The outcome is a versatile and practical design. 

Maximising natural light

As we saw previously, the home is very private, and so it was necessary to increase the volume of illumination within the home. To do this, a light well with an abundance of glazing was incorporated into the homes interior. This Zen-like garden space provides a huge amount of natural light for the home, and looks serenely tranquil. 

A private play area

The interior courtyard is a perfect place for the children to play, as well as a stylish space for informal entertaining. As we can see here, the children love the area, and are able to safely play without the parents worrying about them outside. 

Timber cladding is used for the wall sections of the interior and exterior, while a dark timber decking is utilised for the floor. Sliding glass doors are seen on either side of this space, bringing light into the home, and opening up the interior areas with a burst of fresh air. 

Comfortable open spaces

For the final image of our tour today, we are given a look at one of the huge open rooms within the house. This is a versatile space, able to be used for various different purposes. In the left hand corner we see a bathroom, and this looks as though it is outside. Inside, the room is warm and inviting, with the light timber floorboards, and the continued white colour scheme throughout. 

This house is a wonderfully organic design that utilises natural materials within its construction. It is family friendly, and effortlessly exudes a sense of liveability and style.

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