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Berkshire—a county rich in history, heritage, and of course, home to the British Royal Family's palace Windsor Castle. It is here that today we are taking a tour of a wonderful newly built residence that exudes class, sophistication, and elegance. Designed by Gregory Phillips Architects, this lavish 900m² contemporary detached house is set within an impressive 12 acre site, elevated directly adjacent the River Thames. 

Rarely do we see such a large and magnificent new property in such a prime location, with both an unbelievably high attention-to-detail, and an enduring design that will truly last the ages. Features of this opulent yet understated abode include a private entrance courtyard, garaging for multiple cars, exterior swimming pool, out buildings, and a tennis court. The generously proportioned interior spaces are an absolute delight, and add to the lavish ambience of this new-build home. 

On approach to the residence, the entrance offers a grand pair of Grade I listed iron gates, after which a gravel driveway leads the individual to a gorgeous central courtyard, completely encircled by both the out buildings, and the home itself. If you would like to take a look inside this grand dwelling, check out the images below, and get some inspiration from this beautiful Berkshire mansion. 

Expansive and elegant

Like something out of a glamorous movie, this home truly has a façade that is designed to impress. From this vantage we view the home at an angle and within the lawn garden, the abundant glazing is one of the most obvious elements, as well as the sleek architectural lines that run horizontally across the landscape. 

The dwelling is large, luxurious, and imposing. Yet this home also feels rather welcoming, with a subdued sense of refinement, as if it knows it is beautiful, and rather happy to be quietly admired. 

Historic textures and materials

The next perspective is from an entirely different vantage, and gives us a look at the entrance to the home. The textures used are extremely interesting, imparting a sense of style and individuality. Packed rocks are used for the external walls, as well as glass being a main material that functions both as windows, and also sophisticated glazed walls. 

An impressive entrance

This home has an interesting layout and design. The internal courtyard greets the visitor or occupant with abundant glazing, and single-aspect rooms that make the most of the idyllic Berkshire surrounds. This home was inspired by many of the other traditional manor houses with out buildings that are seen throughout the district. 

Furthermore, on either side of these walkways we are able to see the gorgeous pool that provides a space to cool off during the warmer summer months, but is heated for spring and autumn swimming as well. To enter this home, one must pass through an enclosed pool, which leads into a double height space, with plentiful views of the picturesque countryside. 

The chef's kitchen

Inside the home we are truly blown away by the stylish sophistication, and high level of detail. The quality is astounding, and imparts a sense of refinement, while opulent at the same time.

The chef's kitchen is the icing on the cake within this room, offering the occupants of the space a focal point, as the island takes centre stage. The hanging exhaust fan is industrial in its appearance, but still recedes into the overall scheme, without feeling like an imposing accessory. 

The materials used are of the highest quality, and inject the space with clean lines, and a chic appearance. Overall the colour scheme brings the room together with a yin and yang aesthetic. The flooring is dark charcoal, and the ceiling is white. Paired with unbelievable views over the countryside, we utterly adore this space.

Glazed living spaces

From an alternate perspective, we see the living space. This is a high-tech home, and there are many audio visual accessories seen throughout. 

Here in the family room, the television is hidden within a floating island-like structure, and offers a divider from the kitchen, while keeping the media equipment well concealed. 

Formal living areas

The formal living room is replete with a neutral colour scheme, and exudes a feeling of luxury and grace. With enough room to seat a number of individuals, this stylish reception area is perfect for hosting guests, or simply sitting down with a good book. 

As with every room in this house, huge floor to ceiling glazed walls bring an immense volume of light into the interior space, as well as providing endless views over the large garden. 

Sumptuous sleeping quarters

Have you ever seen a more sumptuous looking bed and master suite? Here at homify, we see a plethora of unique and extravagant bedrooms, but this one is truly spectacular. 

The gigantic bed is fit to host a king and queen with its plush linen, and over-stuffed cushions. Additionally, we again witness the neutral colour scheme previously mentioned in the formal lounge, and displays a muted mushroom hue. A huge rug sits underneath the bed, and perfectly coordinates with the base valance, as well as the walls. 

Finally in the distance we are able to see the gorgeous freestanding marble bathtub, and this gives us an idea of the opulent bathroom that awaits. 

Abundant storage

Due to the construction of the home, the interior boasts a series of long and linear hallways. In this image we see the corridor leading to the bedroom. This space is replete with a number of robes on either side of the walkway, as well as a dressing table. 

The dressing table is incorporated into the bespoke joinery within the room, and is an ideal place to prepare for an event, or perhaps a stylish party. There is more than enough storage space within this area, and although the hall looks rather slim, it is surprisingly wide.

Bath with a view!

In the master ensuite, the freestanding marble bath takes centre stage. The large glazed picture windows display spectacular countryside views, and are a wonderful example of how to maximise both light and tranquillity. 

To the left is a large walk in shower while to the right there are a pair of matching basins, with shiny chrome fittings. Mirror has been used for the vanity space to reflect the exterior scene, and provide a view for those in the shower. Bathrooms don't get much more luxurious than this!

Intriguing layout and plan

The layout of this home centres around a series of internal corridors, that project outward into the countryside. Views are maximised in every area of the house, from the hallways to the bathrooms, and impart a sense of freedom and vivacity within the domestic spaces. 

Here in this image we see the upstairs walkways that are replete with glass balustrades, and a rich timber floor. The walls are white, and this adds to the spacious feeling of the entire home. 

A little outdoor entertaining

As we end our tour of this brilliant Berkshire home, we take one quick peek outside to see the second floor exterior terrace. The timber floorboards are a rich and dark hue, while the furniture matches effortlessly. Glass balustrades are again employed to avoid impeding the view outward. This is truly an unbelievable home, with each space seemingly more fantastic than then next.

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What did you think of this large and luxurious Berkshire mansion? Let us know if this project inspired you in the comments below!

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