9 lifestyle tricks to save you money at home

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Luxurious Tropical Home ANSANA Tropical style living room
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Do you need to cut the costs of your everyday living? Are you saving up for something special, or want to take the family away for a long awaited vacation? If you need to reduce your living expenses, we have got the solution for you! We’ve gone room to room to check out a money saving tip for each domestic space. The fact is it’s easy to bust a budget if you don’t prepare and plan properly. From wasting money at the grocery store, to turning off the television there are plenty of great ways you can save money easily and simply.

Want to learn more? We’ve got 9 lifestyle tips that will help save you cash, while boosting your mindfulness and consciousness.

1. The bathroom

Luxury Apartment Combination Andrew Mikhael Architect Minimalist style bathroom
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Luxury Apartment Combination

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Tip: Don’t wash your towels every time you use them

You’d be surprised how much electricity goes into washing and drying your household linen. Instead of using a towel and washing it immediately, hang it up to dry and reuse it a couple of times.

2. The bedroom

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Scandustrial Theme


Tip: Rent out a spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom that doesn’t get used you can easily make a little extra cash by listing it on Airbnb.com, or an alternative website. If you live in a popular tourist area of Singapore, this could easily subsidise your savings and increase your disposable income.

3. The garden

Tip: Compost your domestic food scraps and save!

Instead of throwing away your food scraps, why not turn them into something useful, which you would normally have to buy? Compost, save the environment, and watch your plants grow healthily and happily.

4. The kitchen

Bridge Over Water HYLA Architects Modern kitchen
HYLA Architects

Bridge Over Water

HYLA Architects

Tip: Say no to eating out during the week

Instead of going to restaurants, buying take-away food, or opting for pre-made meals, invest a little time in preparing your own home cooked dinner. You’ll not only save money, you’ll improve your health, and your nutritional mindfulness.

5. The living room

Luxurious Tropical Home ANSANA Tropical style living room

Luxurious Tropical Home


Tip: Switch off all electronics at the wall when not in use

The living room often boasts a range of electronic equipment, which can really increase your electricity bill if you’re not careful!

6. The terrace

Tip: Invest in a clothes-drying rack and avoid using your indoor dryer

Instead of using your indoor electric dryer, invest in a chic outdoor rack, which can be used to quickly and simply dry your clothes, without the associated costs.

7. The kids’ room

Tip: Donate old and unwanted toys or clothes

If your child has toys or clothes they no longer want or fit into, you can donate or sell these to the local charity shop, or at a market. You will make a little money, while de-cluttering your home in the process.

8. The dining room

Tip: DIY your table linen

Instead of spending loads of money on new designer table linen, why not make it yourself, and stay busy over the weekend.

9. The entrance

Luxury Apartment Combination Andrew Mikhael Architect Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
Andrew Mikhael Architect

Luxury Apartment Combination

Andrew Mikhael Architect

Tip: Switch your light bulbs for an energy efficient alternative

Incandescent bulbs are true energy wasters, and don’t last too long. Switch to LEDs or another energy efficient alternative and save yourself money on your monthly bills.

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