10 houses for people who think 'it's small, but it's mine!'

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There is something special about small homes. They’re cosy, intimate, and perfect for spending time either relaxing alone, or mingling with the ones you love. Of course, small houses come in many different shapes and sizes, from spacious and minimalist, to snug and condensed. When we picture our dream dwelling, it’s often large, luxurious and lavish, but a tiny or compact abode can offer a wonderful, albeit compact, well-designed residence.

To provide a little inspiration, we’ve got 10 super-cute, stylish and sophisticated small homes. Would you like to check them out? Take a peek at the images below and get some inspiration for your next renovation, renewal or re-build!

1. The asymmetric roofed house

House number one boasts an asymmetrical roof profile, which helps differentiate it from surrounding properties. Actually known as a saltbox house, this colonial look is a modern representation of a traditional New England style of dwelling. It features a long, pitched roof, which slopes downwards, as well as a timber frame with timber fascia cladding

2. The modular timber home

Another home with even more timber cladding, this cosy and charming abode is a perfect getaway to escape the city. This easily assembled home features a modest appearance, with a large return verandah for enjoying some sunshine no matter the time of the year.

3. The straw, brick and mud house

Are you interested in homes that reduce their impact on the environment? For something a little bit different, this dwelling is an eco-friendly house constructed with a timber frame, and straw, brick and mud walls.  

4. The Mediterranean abode

Lovely and traditional, this characterful abode is Mediterranean in style, with arched windows and doors, which help it stand out from other homes. Situated in the Turkish town of Ayvalik, this property is sure to impress with its charismatic aesthetic. 

5. The flat-roof minimalist dwelling

Another green home, this dwelling features a flat roof, which hides 12 solar panels that power the house. The 3D render of this abode provides us with an idea of how the architects have utilised timber and glass as an effective building material. The garden is well maintained, and the swimming pool is ideal for entertaining. 

6. The colourful and creatively decorated home

This small but colourful house certainly packs a punch style-wise. With a timber frame, timber shutters, blue stucco and a large timber deck area, it is perfect for a hot climate and looks spectacularly inviting. 

7. The industrial residence

Minimal and alluring, this dwelling doesn't appear as though it involves any timber in its construction, but it is actually built using a modern architectural method. Instead of traditional dwellings that follow a simple shape and structure, this next generation bungalow is ultra stylish, sleek and durable. 

8. The ‘old is new’ house

Blending tradition and heritage with contemporary features and modern elements, this home has been dubbed the 'old is new' house for its seamless juxtaposition of different styles. With clean and crisp elements throughout, this cosy house ticks all the boxes and looks fabulously sleek, chic and inviting. 

9. The rustic oriental home

Similar to the aforementioned saltbox home, this unusual and unique dwelling boasts Asiatic features paired with rustic elements. Clad in a dark timber, the residence is bold and dramatic, while still offering an inviting and alluring aesthetic.

10. The hillside house

House number 10 is an interesting structure that has been designed to sit on pylons, boosting its unimpeded views over the valley. The butterfly roof is held up by these posts, and sits atop the timber-clad, log cabin property. 

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