7 simple steps to decorating your first apartment

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So you’ve finally made the move from your family home, college dorm room, or friend-filled houseshare into your very own first apartment! There is something particularly special about your first home, as it indicates your initiation into adulthood. You may already feel like an adult, but trust us, paying bills, DIYing your own furniture and renovating a new dwelling is a whole other level of maturity.

Of course when you first move into your new home, you will be struck by one thing: you don’t have enough furniture to fill it. This is a primary concern for most individuals moving, as filling a new home is a costly and time consuming business. Additionally, there are other décor related issues to contend with. Most apartments come in a rather lacklustre state. Unless you are lucky enough to have hit the jackpot and scored a fully renovated luxury abode, chances are your new residence is going to require a little love and care.

But where does one start? Once you’ve dealt with the rude awakening of your apartment not looking exactly like your dream home, it’s time to get busy! To help you get started we’ve gathered our top 7 steps to decorating your first home. Ready to begin? Read on below and transform your new domicile from dull to delightful…

1. Paint, paint and more paint

Sure, your landlord might have had some choice words about what can and cannot be done to the apartment, but chances are you are going to want to repaint. If you intend to stay in the place for a decent period of time, painting your new home will make it feel welcoming and enjoyable, and can be repainted back to normal once you leave. It’s a small price to pay to ensure your apartment is stylish and welcoming.

2. Choose good quality curtains

Most apartments don’t come with curtains, and if they do, they are often not going to match your chosen scheme or décor theme. Invest in some good quality curtains and you will instantly feel more at home. Look for heavier drapes in the bedroom (to keep out light), while sheer curtains or blinds in the living areas promote natural illumination and are inexpensive.

3. Invest in a good sofa or seating

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HYLA Architects

Natural Geometry

HYLA Architects

A sofa is crucial to an apartment, and can really define the overall comfort level and success of an interior scheme. Choose something that fits your space, and opt for a style is timeless (in case you have to move).

4. Textiles, accessories and cushions

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

When decorating your new apartment, you will find it’s the little touches that make a huge impact in the long run. In the bedroom, look at adding throw rugs and cushions, while the same can be added to the living area as well.

5. The light fittings

Your new apartment may have come with light fittings, but most simply have bulbs hanging from the ceiling, or very simple fixtures. Adding some stylish light fittings will be the icing on the cake in your home, and ensure it looks and feels fabulous. And remember, if you need assistance, you can always consult an interior decorator or designer.

6. Be space conscious

One of the main things to realise when you are decorating your new apartment is that you need to be space conscious. If you overfill your dwelling with too much furniture, or too many accessories, it will feel cramped and cloistered. Instead opt for simple items that can be accessorised, while ensuring all of your personal items have adequate storage.

7. Lastly, stick to a budget

If this is your first apartment, the tendency will be to go overboard, but this can quickly become an issue when you take into consideration your bills and other expenses you may not previously have needed to pay. Go thrift shopping, purchase vintage items and decorate inexpensively utilising your creativity and not your wallet.

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Do you see anything missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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