How to organise your shoes in a creative and original way

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In many parts of the world, shoes and other outdoor footwear are not permitted beyond the entrance hall. The reasoning behind this is that all the dust and dirt adhering to the soles of the shoes should not make its way inside the home and affect the cleanliness of the interiors. However, it's also essential that the residents don't clutter the doorway by leaving the shoes messily about! The entrance is the first part of the house to be seen and must look aesthetically appealing. So today, we’ll examine 9 excellent ways to store footwear neatly and attractively. Let’s explore!

1. Simple strategy

A small home or studio apartment may not have much space for a shoe cupboard. This simple shoe stand doubles as a coat rack, occupies minimum space, and is ideal for a single resident or a small family.

2. Entryway storage

This multi-purpose design in natural wood is perfect for storing coats and personal belongings, in addition to providing a long seat below which we can easily tuck in our outside footwear. This handy storage unit is conveniently located in the entryway.

3. Bold And trendy

The trendy design of these bright and eye-catching shoe cabinets make it look like a modern work of art! These cabinets can also be used to display showpieces and thus further enhance the décor.

4. Basket drawers

This unique shoe cabinet has wicker baskets for drawers—what an extraordinarily creative idea! Each basket is conveniently labelled with the names of the family members, which is an extremely practical idea for the rushed morning routine.

5. Secret In the stairs

Storage under stairs Fraher and Findlay Corridor, hallway & stairs Storage
Fraher and Findlay

Storage under stairs

Fraher and Findlay

We love this ingenious, space-saving idea from the architects at Fraher Architects Ltd! The unused section below a staircase has been converted into a pull-out shoe shelf! The roomy shelf slides back inside the gorgeous wooden staircase and is cleverly concealed from view when not in use.

6. Minimalist beauty

This sleek wooden minimalist cabinet is elegant and decorative, as well as being a neat solution to shoe storage woes. And no one will know what lies inside!

7. Mirror, mirror on the wall

'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex homify Corridor, hallway & stairs Storage

'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex


A full-length mirror is a lovely accessory in any home – why not use it as the front of a tall shoe cabinet? In addition to providing storage, a mirrored cabinet also enhances the feeling of spaciousness in a home.

8. Vintage look

This vintage trunk appears to be a classy rustic showpiece. Who ever would guess that it is actually a receptacle for footwear?

9. For the little ones

Children love to play with blocks. What better option than these amazing lego-like containers for your little ones to enthusiastically store their shoes in?

Big house or small, there are trendy options for every home. These 9 fascinating ideas truly make shoe storage a convenient and stylish proposition! Take a look at some more storage tips here: 7 ingenius storage ideas from 7 small apartments.

Which of these shoe storage ideas will you be trying?

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