Small kitchens: 7 great ideas to optimise your space

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Do you have a compact kitchen that is causing you planning, decorating or design stress? Are you looking to exploit every centimetre, but are unsure how to do it? If you want a functional cooking area, but have limited space, we’re here to help!

We’ve got 7 examples that show you needn’t scrimp on your dream kitchen simply because your space is small. But how can you make everything fit, while still retaining a functional setup? Ingenuity, creativity, originality and dedication are the key, paired with some seriously inspirational exemplars, from which you can garner and glean some stylish concepts.

1. Incorporate storage wherever possible

Do you have any spaces that could be utilised a little more effectively? Take a look at your kitchen and see where storage can be maximised. For example, if you have a kitchen island (like the demonstration above) you can add shelves and handy spots for all manner of culinary instrumentation and accessories.

2. Go compact

A compact kitchen design might appear as though you need to sacrifice certain features and stylistic elements, but on the contrary, a well-designed yet small cooking area can easily come replete with everything you require. This ultra-compact cooking area is certainly small but makes the most of its situation, and employs smart design to create a function and delightful kitchen.

3. Integrate and assimilate

Take advantage of the limited space in your kitchen by integrating different spaces into the one area. In this image we see the small, narrow cooking area that boasts a small dining room. To create harmony within the space, ensure you pay attention to the colour scheme, textures and patterns and keep everything united and balanced.

4. Think multi-functionally

In order to maximise space, you need to incorporate multiple functions into a single space. Your kitchen needn’t be seen as simply a place to cook, as it can offer so much more. A kitchen island can double as a breakfast bar, or a space to gather with friends and family.

5. Work on your lighting setup

Lighting is surprisingly crucial in maximising space. If you have a dark corner, or a poorly lit nook, you will undoubtedly be neglecting that area. Chat to a professional if necessary and opt for a smart and space maximising lighting setup. Additionally, increase natural light where possible, as this is one of the simplest and most beneficial ways to boost your interior’s functionality.

6. Adapt your design to your space

When attempting to maximise your space to the fullest, you need to understand the area you’re working with. Your kitchen’s functionality will depend on the space and how you use it, so take some time to look at the best setup, and how each corner, nook and crevice can be exploited to enhance usefulness.

7. Add usable details and features

Finally, details can really add usability and enjoyment to your compact kitchen. Instead of limiting your design to the standard set of accessories, fittings and features, think a little outside the box and get creative your small kitchen’s design. This example shows us how wonderful the space looks with a chalkboard wall, which adds the practical element of note taking etc. with a cheerful and stylish alternative to a blank wall.

Do you think any of these tips will assist with your compact cooking space’s design? If you need a little more inspiration, check out: 5 modern houses (with their plans to give you ideas!)

How do you maximise space in your small kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!

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