A 65m² apartment decorated on a tiny budget

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Decorating and re-designing a house or apartment on a budget can be difficult at the best of times. However, it is not impossible. Today’s feature dwelling boasts a compact layout of only 65m², as well as an interesting and sophisticated refurbishment. Whether you’re planning your next domestic remodel, or are looking to enhance your existing abode, we’re sure you’ll learn something from this residence.

Designed by Obradeeva, this home has been developed to take advantage of every centimetre, while enhancing the quality and functionality of its space. Welcoming and attractive, the newly renovated interior boasts innovative storage options, and a liveable ambience. If we’ve piqued your interest and you would like to check out the rest of this property, read on below!

The well-planned and luxurious living area

First up we check out the main living area, which boasts a wonderfully open layout and a contrasting colour scheme. From this perspective we are provided with a good idea of the layout, and where everything is situated in this compact home. To the rear of the property the terrace offers a desirable place to enjoy the outdoors, while the two large doors bring in a huge volume of natural light and fill the spacious room with an inviting luminosity.

To the right of the room sits the living quarters. This is where the television and sofas are located, offering a space to relax and rest. The other side of the room sits a small workspace, and a feature bookshelf. Although the two large windows act as a focal point, the shelf provides another standout feature, as well as providing an area for some of your domestic miscellany.

An open-plan kitchen and dining space

Turning around and checking out the room from an alternate angle we see the kitchen and dining space. To maximise space and ensure the apartment makes the most of its limited floor plan, the designers have opted for an integrated eating and cooking area. 

As the kitchen is generally as much of a gathering point for friends and family as it is an area to cook and prepare food, it was essential the space was open and inviting. The layout of the kitchen follows a U-shaped design, with a central window providing ample light and illumination.

A small yet practical dining space

The dining table is compact and practical, but can be expanded should guests visit. The colour scheme in both the living room and the kitchen follows a yin and yang aesthetic, with bright white hues paired against the darker brown joinery and flooring.

A stylish washroom

Taking a quick peek inside the bathroom we see how the small room has been enhanced to offer a large shower, and a fully tiled setup. These small, square dusty blue tiles are sophisticated and recessive, providing timelessness and an enduring aesthetic within the space.

Integrating all of the necessities

One of the main things to consider when updating a residence is to provide enough space for all the modern necessities that may have been excluded in previous remodels. Thanks to a smart and creative design, the bathroom doubles as a utility space, and offers a hidden washer/dryer, removing the need for any additional appliances within the kitchen or hallways areas.

The beautiful bedroom

Entering the small yet sumptuous bedroom we see the built-in furniture that offers a space-saving pair of side tables as well as the main feature itself: the bed. Welcoming and alluring, this space follows the same colour scheme that is seen in other areas of the dwelling. The dark timber finish complements the flooring, while adding interest and contrast to the room.

Functional storage systems

Finally, to give you an idea of the storage systems in this home, we check out the way the designers have added a range of different cupboards and integrated shelves that impart essential practicality to the compact apartment. 

At only 65m², storage is crucial to the correct functioning of the property, and assists in its liveability. A small television is mounted within one of these cupboard openings, while the taller joinery offers wardrobe fundamentals.

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What elements of this design did you like or dislike? 

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