8 budget steps to a stylish home office

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A great home office can be set up with very little money, but it takes a little extra effort to pull it off with style. All you really need is a good adjustable office chair, desk and lamp. After all, most of our work is done on a computer and most basic office furniture is easily and cheaply available—although we do admit, the cheapest home office furniture is not always the most attractive. So how can you style things up and take your home office to the next level when you're on a tight budget? Well, here at homify we have lots of stylish home offices to get you inspired—and we have compiled a little guide on 8 steps to create a stylish home office. We promise it won't cost a bomb!

1. Use melamine board to create the perfect desk

This kind of home office is very attractive and fits beautifully into a white room. It could easily be recreated with a little DIY work. Instead of spending money on a free-standing desk, measure up your space and get a few pieces of melamine cut to size. This is cheap and readily available wood mixture that is covered with a hard white laminate surface so it already had a good finish. Then all you need are a couple of table legs or just some storage units as seen here to prop it up. The best thing about this is that your desk will be custom fit and that means it can fit in the tiniest little nook.

2. Print out graphic artwork and frame

The fresh, bold attractive look of the decorations in this home office could be recreated on a very small budget. All you need to do is find some attractive wall art you love. Then get it printed out at high resolution. Pair them with cheap picture frames from IKEA. For the ultimate arty look, scatter them on the walls in varying sizes.

3. Style up cheap cabinets with pieces of wood

This gorgeous storage wall is to die for. Something similar could also be recreated without even using a hammer! The basic structure of the floor cabinet is quite straightforward. The real style comes from the wooden cover. Just get a standard cheap white cabinet. Then get a good thick piece of plywood cut to size and place it on top. Don't forget to paint it with a few coats of oil otherwise the plywood will swell and soak up every water spill.

4. Add some quirky upcycled wall storage

We all need to get practical with storage. But there is still room to play. Add some character with an upcycled old wooden box. All you need to do is paint it some funky colours and mount it on the wall.

5. Add strip lights behind the shelves

Really good lighting will totally transform even the most humdrum arrangement into an eye-catching space. Serious lighting can get expensive. But really, all you need to do is add a string of lights. Even better, get some cheap LED strip lights from an online store. They have adhesive backing so they can be stuck onto the back of the shelf to create a stunning display like this. Just follow the instructions on the packet properly and install them yourself!

6. Define the space with a stylish feature wall

Chances are that your home office is in the bedroom, hallway or living room. This usually means it needs some visual boundaries. This will help you switch off when you leave your 'office space'. This is easily one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add style to the home office. Just add a stylish feature wall with great wallpaper or a different coloured wall.

7. Add cheap wood moulding to the furniture

This classic European-style home office looks very swish and expensive. But a simpler version of this kind of look could be easily be created on a small budget. All you need to do is dress up some plain, wooden furniture with some wood moulding. This can be bought from hardware stores for just a few dollars. Once it has been attached just cover it up with paint.

8. Get creative with paint

Generic office furniture is often the cheapest. But the problem is that it looks well… very much like it's made in a factory. Style it up with some creative painting. We love the dipped paint look that is popular at the moment. All you need to do is paint just part of the furniture. Look at this green desk for inspiration.

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