9 easy ways to make your home a relaxing oasis

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On finishing a long day at school or work, there's nothing quite as sweet as knowing there's a relaxing haven awaiting you at home. The flux and flotsam of the outside world will soon be cast aside as you hunker down into a little private cocoon of your own. The specifics of your home haven are unique to you, but there are a few common elements people generally find comforting in a dwelling. Today we will explore 9 ways to make your home a relaxing oasis. We hope some of these home ideas strike a chord with you!

1. Gentle lighting

We won't hand out any trite advice on using candles and lovely scents. But we will say that if you have a harsh lighting scheme, it has to go. Just add a few more gentle lighting sources so you can tone things down at the end of the day.

2. A nook for lounging about

Humans have an instinctive need to hunker down into a perfect little corner or chair. Find your natural little nook in the home, dress it up and give it the attention that it deserves. It could just be a little reading nook in a corner of a living room like this.

3. Remove visual reminders of things to do

A true haven is a little oasis or bubble that is separate from ordinary everyday life, so it shouldn't contain any visual reminders of stressful things. This pale white room looks positively sublime simply because it's devoid of all those little things that remind you of things to do and people to see.

4. Create a wall of inspiration

Create a wall of inspiration. It doesn't necessarily need to contain inspirational quotes. It could just be a wall with your favourite pictures, plants and decorations on display. Then make sure it's situated in a place where your eyes will naturally rest when you enter the room.

5. Privacy

No matter how extroverted we are, everyone needs a little privacy at times. Set up your curtains so you can completely shut out the world when needed.

6. Add cosy textures

A warm and cosy home has lots of textures. Make sure your linens, throw-overs and pillows are plush and pleasurable to touch. Natural materials such as wood and stone are another good source of cosy warmth.

7. Soundproof the home

Upholstered headboard details Mille Couleurs London BedroomBeds & headboards
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Upholstered headboard details

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The quiet clink of a cup being placed on a glass table, the sound of the street outside, or even the footfalls of the neighbours can all quietly work away on our nerves. Soundproof the home with dense rugs, table mats and a padded bedroom headboard like this.

8. Get your electronic devices under control

Our electronic devices have crept into our bedrooms and lives with wild abandon over the years. Get them under control by creating a charging station in one corner of the home. A recharging set-up like this one from product designers Functionals will make a huge difference.

9. Make decluttering easy

We all know that a decluttered home is an essential part of creating a relaxing oasis, but that doesn't mean it necessarily needs to be perfectly clean at all times. Life is constantly on the move and it's ridiculous to beat yourself up for a little clutter. Make things easy by setting up some attractive easy storage boxes at key spots around the home. Just set aside a regular time to empty them!

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