10 fabulous and original breakfast bars

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A breakfast bar is a table and a countertop in one. It is generally attached to the kitchen and often becomes one of the busiest little zones in the home. But do you want bar-style seating, or chairs… ? And what about the impact on the rest of the kitchen? Well, today we will explore a plethora of different breakfast bar designs that might help! Some will be perfect for those with small homes, while others might help you consider the options for a larger kitchen. Let's check them out…

1. A neat integrated solution

If you want to keep things simple, an L-shaped kitchen can very easily accommodate a breakfast bar without really altering the design. For extra comfort, just extend the countertop so it juts out on one side and covers the seats.

2. For a multifunctional space

This rather decadent breakfast bar perfectly straddles the various themes in this multifunctional room. The long line of the bar is attached to the big kitchen bench and creates a very streamlined, unified look. But the dark wood bench-top and woven chairs give it a comfy look that's suited to the living room.

3. A breakfast bar for the barbecue

A breakfast bar can be as simple as this. All it really needs is space for a couple of stools and a good clear bench space. It helps of course if it's in a high traffic area so it gets lots of use.

4. A cantilevered bar

A cantilevered option is a good choice for those who want to keep things simple. This kind of design can be used to introduce a different material such as wood. It also means that you can use the main kitchen bench for larger dishes and the depth of the breakfast bar can be quite shallow.

5. Pure wooden goodness

Those with larger kitchens might want to try setting up the breakfast bench so it's adjacent to the main area. This creates a sort of passageway on either side of the bench and could be good for those with large families. It also means that just one end of the bench is connected to the kitchen.

6. The breakfast bar for a small home

This kind of small kitchen design is really just begging for a breakfast bar. It's a fabulous alternative if you don't have room for a separate dining space too. All you need to do is install a simple bench with space to tuck the glossy bar stools away.

7. For a galley style kitchen

Galley-style kitchens might be short on floor space, but they do have lots of wall space. So butt the breakfast bar up along the wall. Just make sure there's something attractive to look at on the wall.

8. For a casual elegant dining experience

This pearl grey kitchen is similar to the design of the smaller kitchen we explored—only this time there is seating for four. We love how one side of the table is attached to the kitchen bench to create a floating effect. It has also been lowered. This is good for those who don't like perching on a stool.

9. The extended kitchen bench

An extended kitchen bench helps create lots of clean unbroken lines in the overall design of your kitchen. This kind of design can also be worked around the corners or edges of the room to make the kitchen feel that bit bigger.

10. A kitchen island of double width

r79 Modern kitchen

This breakfast bar forms just one side of this kitchen island and goes to show that a stunning design does not need to be complicated. All you need are high quality materials and an attention to detail.

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Which of these breakfast bar designs is your favourite?

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