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When it comes to the colour of your new  kitchen, your first idea might not be green—indeed, it probably won't be. Yet green has great potential as a kitchen colour: it's fresh, natural, clean, and surprisingly versatile. Green works with a wide range of other shades, and, like blue, is a natural partner for the bright white that so many of us use as the base palette of our kitchens. It comes in tones ranging from yellow to brown, taking in the vivid shades of neon and lime green in-between, so the effect can be anything from bright to muted, fresh to disco. Some people suggest that green reduces appetite, which might put some off using it in the kitchen; on the other hand, others might think that's a good thing! Not convinced? Take a look below and see what you can achieve with green in the kitchen—we've rounded up some very different but all equally spectacular kitchens that might just inspire you!

Vivid green

The brightening, lightening effects of green in a room is amply demonstrated here. In this lime green kitchen every piece has been pulled into service in adding vivid, fruity colour to the space. Paired with basic white, the lime green is a rousing counterpart. Even on the darkest winter morning, or in the darkest kitchen, this colour scheme would create a wonderfully cheerful and energetic atmosphere.

Refined and rustic

For anyone who wants to take it easy with a more subdued palette, we have here again a combination of white and green, but in a more elegant, rustic style. The different shades of olive green in this design are undoubtedly fresh, but in a quiet, serene and classic way. The olive green of this kitchen works so well with the rustic theme, in fact, that anyone looking to update a rustic style kitchen to make it more modern would do well to consider it—green is such an unusual kitchen choice that using it will instantly make any kitchen seem more contemporary!

Beach green

Alicante - ​Mini & Functionality Matteo Beraldi Design Office Modern kitchen
Matteo Beraldi Design Office

Alicante—​Mini & Functionality

Matteo Beraldi Design Office

We see the versatility of green again here, this time in the form of this mint green tint, which manages the trick of being dark, rich, and opulent at the same time as it's minty fresh. Combined with the creative lines and details of the kitchen's beach theme, this is a playful, relaxing and original creation that would look spectacular in any modern home. And maybe it's the beach theme—sea air, is, after all, said to create an appetite, but just looking at this kitchen makes us feel hungry! Who said green suppresses the appetite?!

Fresh and tranquil

That green's fresh tones can also radiate tranquility is one of the colour's happy contradictions. A single wall in this beautiful, soft sea-green colour provides for an oddly serene freshness. Along with the dark wood and Belfast sink, the effect is at once rustic and industrial; rural and decidedly urban. 

Brighten a tiny space

Green can work in tiny spaces, too. A light, bright tone will bring fun and sunshine to a narrow, dark space. Light greens will reflect light, as we can see here, working to create a positively airy feel. Its bright tones are clean and a great alternative to the more traditional blues or whites found in many kitchens. And not just that, a bright green like the one on these kitchen cabinets will lift the heart on even the dreariest of mornings!

Forest green and brown

Forest greens with dark browns always work wonderfully well. The combination of the two will create a warm, calm space, as we can see here. If your kitchen gets lots of light, this colour combo will keep it from being blinding, as it will soak up the sunshine, rather than reflecting it back at you. It'll be like ducking into the forest every time you cook!

Do you think green works in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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