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23 stylish ways to arrange your small living room

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Designing a compact or small interior area is no easy feat, and is often made even more challenging when this cloistered area is your main living space. However, a small living room needn't feel restrictive or uninviting, rather, it should boast a sense of comfort and homeliness. But what measures should be taken to ensure your room is enticing and inviting, as opposed to tedious and turgid? 

Today we have some answers for you; we've collated 23 design hints for small living rooms, which are sure to impart a little cheer, colour and character upon your space. Are you interested in learning more? Check out our top tips below!

1. Don't leave your walls bare! Add some stylish yet simple graphics (such as this wall tattoo) and watch the space come to life…

2. This timber wall cladding is stylish and sophisticated and looks elegant in this compact living room

If you are having some difficulty getting started, the best thing you can do is to chat to a professional interior designer. We have loads of experts via the homify website, who are sure to get your design stylishly headed in the right direction!

3. If your space is small add some reflective surfaces such as mirrors

4. Go all-white with your colour scheme, and remember to maximise your natural light

5. Adding indoor plants will provide purified, detoxified air, while opening up with small space with a rural and rustic touch

6. For a little charm and character, add bursts of lively colour such as these yellow feature armchairs

7. When arranging your small living space consider versatile furniture that will let you mix up your décor and room layout

8. If you live in a one-room or studio home remove walls and barriers to create a more open and spacious aesthetic

9. Using bright colours within a compact room can help impart cheerfulness and draw attention away from the size of the space

10. Try transparent walls to create space, yet still retain privacy

11. Choosing the right carpet and rugs can really help impart a distinctive aesthetic, while segregating different areas within the space

12. Add smart shelving and storage for extra areas to keep your domestic miscellany

13. Add interesting lighting to create beautiful and varied atmospheric conditions

14. To maximise space consider employing built-in or modular furniture

15. If you have a small space, accoutrements and ornamentation will help create character and charm in your room

16. If possible, utilise glazing for doors and windows, bringing the inside 'out' and the outside 'in'

17. Let the kitchen become part of your living room by designing an integrated and cohesive combined space

18. Focus on core pieces of furniture and opt for simple, modern and minimalist aesthetics

19. Pay attention to your lighting, as it will evoke the spirit and vitality within your room

20. In this room, high ceilings with a pitched profile help ensure the ambience is light, airy and distinctive

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Rustic style living room
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

21. Embrace colours that offer a distinctive soul and temper. This will influence the size and setting within your living room

22. Do you want a classic aesthetic? Opt for leather feature furniture to reveal an attention-grabbing living room style

23. For an urban atmosphere, use simple lighting, walls, concrete features, and timber floors

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How do you arrange your compact living space? 
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