7 home organisation mistakes—and how to fix them!

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Unless you're a permanent cleaning machine, neat freak or organisational workhorse, you'll probably attest to breaking a few key clutter-busting rules. Let's face it, it's pretty difficult keeping a house or apartment in tip top shape, while maintaining career, running a household and/or managing a family. Mistakes get made, rules are broken and dwellings fall into a state of organisational disrepair. 

However, all is not lost! We've narrowed down 7 home organisation mistakes—paired with some easy and simple solutions. We can't be perfect all the time, but when we are aware of blunders, faults or oversights, they're far easier to rectify, restore and remedy. Would you like to learn more? Read on below!

Mistake #1: Comparing your home organisation to others'

One of the trickiest issues to avoid, we as individuals have a tendency to compare our situation to the situations of our friends, family, acquaintances, celebrities and basically anyone we possibly can.

Solution: Try to remember that your home is an individual case that requires a personalised touch. Stop looking at pictures of perfectly manicured interiors on the Internet and instead remind yourself that it is okay if your dwelling looks different and unique.

Mistake #2: Tackling everything all at once

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Solution: If you tackle everything at the same time, the midstream mess can be overwhelming and make you feel as if you are getting nowhere. Chat to a professional interior organiser who can help you build a methodical plan, and remember to arrange and adjust everything systematically.

Mistake #3: Purchasing containers and storage before you know what you need

Solution: Stop purchasing your storage containers before you have looked at what you need. A container or storage system won't assist you in organising your home if you don't yet know what areas you will be focusing on. Take a look at your interior and plan your organisational attack. Once you have an idea of what is missing storage-wise, you can hit the shops and stock up on some new items.

Mistake #4: Letting your shelving become messy

We all have a tendency to let our storage get a little out of control, but when it is out in the open, it can be a real issue. Open shelving is stylish and brimming with benefits, but also requires a little extra care. 

Solution: If you have exposed kitchen shelving, or cupboards with glass doors you need to audit, cull and clean. Set yourself a weekly routine to check up on your shelving, and try to keep it curated and free from clutter. 

Mistake #5: Confusing clean with organised

Clean isn't organised and organised doesn't necessary indicate cleanliness. Your home might be hygienic and sanitary, but you may still have neatly arranged piles of clutter in and around your abode. 

Solution: Designate a place for every item in your home, from the largest appliances or furniture, to the smallest vases, books and ornaments. Once everything has a place, it will be less likely to build up and feel disorganised. 

Mistake #6: Getting used to the clutter

This mistake is definitely a real issue in areas that can easily be neglected—such as in the garden, on the balcony or the terrace.

Solution: Set yourself a few minutes each day to check out your home and clear away the piles of mess and junk. This is essential as the longer clutter is left, the more invisible it becomes. 

Mistake #7: Overfilling your cupboards

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A particular issue for kitchen cabinets and pantries, overfilling can lead to wastage and disorganisation. 

Solution: Firstly you are going to want to take everything out of the cupboard, removing anything that is deemed unnecessary. Re-fill the cupboard or cabinet in an orderly fashion, and remember to regularly audit the space to prevent a build-up of mess and clutter. 

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