Modern and elegant! 8 ideas for using stone in your home

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Stone is a naturally beautiful material that rubs shoulders with wood and glass when it comes to classic and contemporary architecture. Pretty much every style of interior and exterior design through the ages features stone in some form. This elegant element can really define your indoors as well as your outdoors. Let's take a look at 8 elegant and modern ways in which you can use stone to style your space! Credit for the eye-catching ideas goes to architects the world over. 

1. Cobblestones for the porch

This porch is lined with cobblestones that are both good looking and weather resistant. The brown colours make for a natural sandy-hued statement, while a portion of greenery marks a rich nook with palms and pebbles.

2. Lava stone wall

This wall of lava stones stacked one atop the other gives a wonderful look to the entrance of the home. An impressive burgundy couch sits in the entryway giving some rich balance. The modern space has classic touches with stone as its focal point. A bed of gravel and elegant lighting finish the look.

3. Smooth and rough

The combination of smooth floors and rough matte-finished stone makes for an eclectic and timeless statement. The pebbles stand in between the wall and the floor as a neutral and fun element, while rows of small floor lights add to the style quotient.

4. Paving the way with wood and stone

While wooden slats line the open walls of this garage and its entrance, square stone tiles make a charming statement. The stone path leads to the porch, which boasts a golden brown stone wall and is adorned with plenty of sleek lighting. A long wooden planter with succulents makes for the perfect separator between the garage and the approach.

5. Stone touch in the study

This charming wall has layers of random stone tiles in brown and grey. The chic wooden desk is a classic piece that complements this palette. The marble floor and white walls are the perfect backdrop for the vibrant abstract art on the walls.

6. Textures and lighting

This porch plays with varied textures including stone, wood and marble, as well as gentle lighting which gives an aura of mystery and style to the space.

7. Beige stone in the bathroom

The bathroom counter is lined with heavy beige-hued stone. The almost pink-coloured beauty of this well-polished slab highlights the robust grain of the unit below. The overall look is modern and elegant.

8. Sandy-hued granite

This kitchen has a light and airy look, thanks to its unusual pale granite surfaces. Granite is the perfect element for the kitchen because it does not stain easily, and won't absorb unwanted liquids. This makes it easy to wipe and maintain on an everyday basis. The beige hues of the counter complement the chrome and white environs perfectly.

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Which of these stone ideas would you pick?

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