36 minimalist style ideas that only people with taste will love

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SANSON ARCHITETTI Minimalist living room
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You might not think you are cut out for a minimalist home interior, but what if we were to tell you that some of the most stylish, covetable and efficient homes follow this design trend to the letter? How about if we went a step further and told you that you can even enjoy some cool and calm minimalism, even if you have a family? It's absolutely true and to prove that, we have found some of the most incredible and awe-inspiring minimalist homes to show you today, each of which was curated by a fabulous interior designer that knew exactly how to adapt the genre to work for the clients involved. From sparse living rooms through to super contemporary bathrooms, minimalism can work everywhere, the only question is; do you want it to work in your home? Take a look at these minimalist motifs to see which ones you love!

1. Impactful white stairs.

2. Pared-back chic.

3. A utopian white kitchen.

4. A clutter-free kitchen.

5. Multifunctional room divides.

6. Monochrome and minimal design.

8. An almost not there bathroom.

10. White everything, except the floor.

11. Open and super simple.

12. Reflective furniture.

13. Huge frameless mirrors.

14. Plainly finished textures.

15. Sleek cabinets.

16. Statement flush-fitting lights.

17. Angular suite items.

18. Having nothing more than you need.

19. Minimal structural elements.

20. Small scale furniture.

22. Monochrome in the living room.

23. Strictly neutral tones.

24. Linear layouts.

26. Built-in shelving.

27. Open high ceilings.

28. Natural materials.

29. Modern room divides.

31. Sunken bathtubs.

33. Hidden integral storage.

35. Matching outdoor spaces.

36. Natural materials inside and out.

For even more minimalism inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The neutral minimalist apartment.

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