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Situated within one of Singapore's most sought-after and expensive districts, Bukit Timah, this development features stylish apartments, and expansive living spaces. As with many of the condominiums in the area that feature large balconies and updated interiors, Woollerton Park is a glamorous and luxurious Singapore abode. Bukit Timah itself is located in a hilly area, reasonably close to the centre of Singapore's main island, making it an extremely desirable locale. Featuring an abundance of restaurants, markets, shops, and other amenities, Woollerton Park is as liveable as they come! It is here that we travel today to take a tour of a renovated apartment, which features opulence, elegance, and chic sophistication. 

Thanks to the astute carpentry and interior design specialists at Imagine by SK66, this home has undergone a transformation, bringing it boldly into the 21st century. Utilising high-grade materials and a keen attention to detail, each piece of joinery, carpentry, and decoration is unbelievably stylish and sleek. To check out the interior of this refurbished and renewed home, take a peek at the following images, and get some inspiration for your dwelling today!

A grand gallery entrance

The entrance to this home is truly a sight to behold! More gallery than hallway, this space is replete with a host of interesting artefacts and images. Simply strolling through the space is sure to enlighten any art aficionado. 

The colour scheme is neutral and features sleek finishes, with gloss adding lavishness to the interior of the home. The contrast in hues works wonderfully, and adds intrigue as well as a unique edge. 

Lavish dining quarters

The homes at Woollerton Park feature large living areas, and this dining space is no exception. With room to host at least eight guests, it's bright, colourful, and the ideal entertaining area. The colour scheme that has been employed is traditional in its tone and shade, while still adding a modern touch to this interior. A statement light fitting hangs above the table, and acts a feature of the room, while providing much needed illumination. 

Again we see the high-gloss tiling used within the space, and continued throughout the residence. Art is a major factor in this design, and can be viewed in almost every room of the house. 

Bespoke bathroom

Here at homify we really do love a standalone bathtub. They exude glamour, luxury, and carry the charm of yesteryear. In their simplicity, the true intrinsic qualities of a freestanding bath are seen; they are not simply a perfunctory place to wash oneself, but an area to rest, relax, and renew both body and mind.

Within this gorgeously updated room, the thing that pops out even more than the bath is the striking vanity. Playing with textures and colours, the different materials that have been employed add to the stylish effortlessness and stunning appearance. Floor tiles match those used throughout the home, and keep the space feeling light, bright, and airy. Heritage-style shutters offer privacy from neighbours, and feel wonderfully in-keeping with the design. Finally, large mirrored cupboards are seen above the twin sinks, and provide storage to the room. 

A library to be proud of

Within the home office and library space, we truly see the wonderful work of the designers. The walls are floor to ceiling with striking timber veneer shelving, adding an aristocratic aesthetic, while also providing abundant storage for the owner's large book collection. The bespoke joinery also makes room for the wall mounted air conditioner, and surprisingly hides it, rather than making it a feature. 

As well as a gorgeous library, this room is also an office, which can be seen by the sophisticated solid timber desk, with green leather top. The chair is ergonomic, ensuring those gruelling hours sitting by the computer are slightly more bearable. Timber floors have been employed within this room, compared to the gloss tiles in other areas. The timber adds warmth, and works perfectly with the general ambience of the room. The space feels refined, stylish, and very liveable. 

Masterchef's kitchen

This kitchen is unbelievable! Featuring twin fridges, a very organised pantry, stainless steel appliances and a host of sophisticated equipment, the room is gorgeous. In the centre of the space sits the hob. This is set in a position that allows the chef to watch his/her audience, while also providing entertainment for guests. 

The colour scheme is again a timber tone with matching floorboards. This adds a liveable feeling, as well as being a practical and hard-wearing floor for a larger household. A small rug sits by the fridges, and adds opulence to a usually perfunctory and adornment-free space. One of the best elements of this home is the way storage has been incorporated into almost every room, yet it still feels open and spacious. In a good number of the apartments we see here at homify, a lack of storage is generally the number one issue. Not so in this dwelling, which has been thoughtfully designed and styled. 

Clever storage solutions

As we take one final look at this home before ending the tour, we see the newly updated kitchen, replete with its versatile and practical additions. The additions we speak of are hidden within the cupboards, and offer the occupant a way to easily organise areas of the kitchen that are normally difficult spaces. 

Fold-out corner shelves and cupboard doors that open upward are only the beginning of the hidden surprises in this home. Moreover, the dwelling is large, luxurious, and situated in one of Singapore's most sought-after locations. The use of timber throughout has imparted a sense of homeliness, often unseen in contemporary refurbishments. This is an interesting, original, and successfully spectacular abode. 

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What do you think of this Bukit Timah home? We'd love to hear if this project inspired you in the comments section below!

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