8 easy ways to fill your home with colour

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Polygon arch&des Minimalist study/office
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Positive, pretty and perfectly unique, today’s feature property is resplendently kaleidoscopic. Bursting with resplendent calorific inclusions and a sense of flamboyance, this dwelling is going to show you how to fill your home with a distinctive blend of dazzling hues. Colour is crucial when designing interior spaces, enhancing certain well-planned rooms with bursts of brightness and tinges of chromatic character. However, employing colour in the home is all too often neglected or undertaken poorly. Colour is essential for bringing rooms to life; it provides strength and freshness, as well as improving mood and ambience within a space.

Designed by Polygon Arch & Des, this apartment captures the essence and playfulness of different tones and shades, showing us how a simple home can be enhanced and enriched through a range of interestingly individual hues. Fancy a gander through this cheerful residence? Take a peek below!

1. Primary perfection

Working with primary colours the designers of this abode have managed to keep the colourful interior feeling cohesive and unified. Choosing only a select few hues is the ideal way to ensure your home doesn’t become overwhelmed by colour, but instead offers continuity and consistency.

2. Working with different tones and textures

As well as picking only a few handpicked colours within the main rooms of the home, the abode also boasts a range of different textures and tones. Timber works beautifully to add rawness and modern rustic charm, while the soft upholstery keeps everything feeling warm and cosy.

3. A simple yet unique cooking space

When it comes to the cooking space, keep things simple. As one of the busier areas of a home, the kitchen does well with an uncomplicated aesthetic of only one or two hues.

In this instance the designers have opted for a combination of white and timber joinery, with a patterned splashback and feature yellow joinery additions.

4. The wonderful workspace

Moving into the other section of the home we see the multi-purpose space that offers working desks and a lounge area. The colours here focus more on the desired mood of focus and relaxation, as opposed to the jubilant hues in the living room. Bright beech timber tones dominate, while a light sage green shade is utilised to impart creativity and calm throughout the space.

5. Dividing different areas

Entering the room further we see that this is also a nursery space, and has a dedicated area set up to house a sleeping or playing baby. As this is a multi-purpose area, the colours needed to reflect changing needs and desires. White and grey are reflective and peaceful, while the furniture is buoyant and engaging.

6. Splashes of wonderful watercolours

In the bedroom the tone is eclectic and exciting. A watercolour mural has been painted to accommodate the bed, while a rather unexpected duo of dusty pink and washy forest green dictates the accessories. Walls are white and furniture is timber, while the lighting is offered in multiple sources and looks delightfully subdued.

7. The beautiful bathroom

Inside the main wash space the colour scheme differs once again and reflects an oceanic aesthetic. A sandy off-white has been employed for the walls and floor, while bright blue mosaics are definitely the standout feature of the space. Semi retro and part contemporary, the bathroom is practical and versatile, with serene overtones and a tranquil ambience.

8. A practical sunroom

Finally we head out onto the balcony-cum-sunroom, where designers have opted once again for a simple yet effective combination of white and grey. Warmth and an inviting aura are replete throughout, mostly thanks to the timber furniture and floor. Fresh, light and engaging, this dwelling ticks all of the boxes and manages to create a colourful yet timeless atmosphere.

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What did you think of this uncomplicated and simple home interior? 

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