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Today on homify we’re jetting over to Lisbon, Portugal to check out a gorgeously refurbished home that boasts a truly swoon-worthy interior.  White colour schemes are by far one of the most coveted of all décor styles. They are simple, elegant, refined and bold in their approach to minimalism. But what stands out the most in a white apartment is its ability to create cosiness and a welcoming aesthetic with a rather austere hue. Simply put: white interior schemes fashion so much with so little. If you’re a fan of modern white interiors and are looking to emulate this style in your own abode, then you’ve come to the right place.

Decked out in an uncomplicated yet beautiful array of fresh furniture and ornamentation, this home is straightforward and ultra-chic. Soothing, sleek and resplendently inviting, we’re privileged today to take a tour inside. So come with us while we check out our 8 steps to achieving a modern white apartment. Would you like to learn more? Let’s take a look inside this inspiring home below…

1. Juxtaposing styles

In this white apartment, the designers have opted for a range of different styles. The black Acapulco chair is a highlight and imparts retro charm, while mid-century modern Danish furniture is eye-catching and subtly refined. 

Paired against the history of the home, these infusions of characterful furniture and accessories assist in offering up a sense of eclecticism and energy, while the neutral colour scheme is resplendently graceful.

2. Working with patterns

Patterns have been added throughout this home to impart a sense of style and impressiveness. The rug is particularly effective, and works beautifully against the Danish-inspired sofa. Additionally, a black and white photograph sits elegantly on the wall above the sofa, instilling character and intrigue within the room.

3. Infusing contrast

Contrast is important as it adds life and verve to an all-white design. In this instance, cultural accessories have been infused with the design, and bring a raw, rustic essence to the overall ambience. Vintage timber trunks, woven baskets and simple timber shutters help achieve this, and create a stir against the crisp white walls.

4. Storage, storage and more storage

A white apartment needs to be one thing – clutter free. Ensure you have plenty of storage for all of your domestic miscellanies, focusing on keeping everything clear and fresh. 

In this kitchen this is especially important, and we can see that the white kitchen boasts an array of helpful joinery, with space for all accessories and appurtenances.

5. Employ greenery and fresh accessories

Fresh flowers, found objects, organic accessories and indoor plants can go a long way in achieving an authentically welcoming aura within your abode. In the dining room and kitchen the designers have added a simple collection of branches and foliage. 

Mirroring the wicker light fitting, this dark green contrast breaks up the light timber and white colour scheme, as well as injecting life within the apartment.

6. Simple and uncomplicated is best

Within the bedroom the designers have opted for white hues, plush bedding and a carefully curated selection of peaceful yet engaging accessories. As this room is rather compact the interior aesthetic have been kept simple and uncomplicated, ensuring grace and refinement as well as a timeless sense of elegance.

7. Look at the overall picture

When choosing a rather monochromatic colour scheme for your abode, it is important to look at the entire picture regularly. This will assist in providing balance and unity for your interior, with the added benefit of ensuring you make few mistakes along the way.

In this master bedroom the colour scheme is once again earthy and simple, with standout hanging side table lamps, and a range of natural, organic inclusions.

8. Don’t be afraid to deviate

Of course, one of the main things to realise when you choose an all-white colour scheme for your apartment is that it’s okay to deviate from your original plan. In this home we see white as the basis or canvas for the dwelling, which is then enhanced with other tones, shades and patterns. 

In the bathroom the colour scheme is greyer than it is white, and yet still coordinates perfectly and instils a sense of splendid serenity.

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