8 kitchen storage tricks you need to know

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For so many people, the kitchen is a crucial room in the house – more essential even than the lounge or living room. A cooking area is an all important, all-inclusive multi-tasking domestic space that requires some consideration and design deliberation. 

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, and this is essential to remember when planning and conceiving its layout and storage. It is an area that offers so much more than merely storing produce or chopping and preparing food; for many, it's the centre of a household where we unravel, unwind, chat and chill out. It’s a zone filled with potential and should be designed in an uncomplicated and clutter free fashion. 

However, a small kitchen often poses plenty of challenges, especially where storage is concerned. If you’re in need of a helping hand, we’ve got 8 brilliant storage tricks for tiny kitchens that are sure to inspire. Check them out below!

1. Add overhead shelving

Overhead shelving is simple enough to add or retrofit, and will make the most of your wall space. Boost your storage by adding some exposed shelves that look stylish and serve an important function.

2. Think a little outside the kitchen

Your kitchen’s storage doesn’t have to begin and end in the kitchen. Relocate items that don’t need to be there (think wine, barware, recipe books, glassware) and store them in another area of the home, such as the dining room or lounge.

3. Re-organise your corner cupboards

Corner cupboards are notorious for becoming cluttered a messy. Generally hard to reach with hidden alcoves, these corner spaces should be regularly cleaned and audited to provide functionality and usefulness. Set aside 5-10 minutes each week to realign jars and make sure nothing has fallen into the deep recesses of unseen nooks.

4. Add boxes and containers

Adding boxes or containers can help you organise your storage, in turn boosting its practicality and ease of use. Furthermore, you can label them to make it easy to find and remember where everything is located.

5. Consider furniture that has multiple uses

Certain furniture comes with multiple uses and purposes that save you space and boost your kitchen’s functionality. This interesting table offers a place to eat, while a raised platform can grow herbs, plants or store accessories.

6. Retrofit advanced cupboard technology

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

You know that awkward corner space that you simply cannot use, and consequently wastes your kitchen’s storage space? Time to get a little tech with your cabinetry and cupboards and make that area usable. Joinery has come a long way in the last decade or so, and offers a range of different solutions for difficult spaces, nooks and crevices.

7. Hanging wall rails and hooks

Punggol Waterway Brooks BTO Designer House Minimalist kitchen
Designer House

Punggol Waterway Brooks BTO

Designer House

Hanging rails and hooks are by far one of the easiest and best ways to boost your storage space. Simply attach to your wall and hang your commonly used utensils and culinary accessories.

8. Can you fit an island?

The designers of this compact kitchen have managed to keep everything in one tiny and neat package. If you are able to re-think your cooking space, try and include a multi-purpose island. It will not only look great, it will keep your walls free for furniture and other bespoke storage solutions. If you aren’t completely renovating your kitchen, see if you can retrofit an island – it will offer a place for individuals to gather as well as plenty of space for your cooking appurtenances.

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Do you see any storage tricks missing from our list? Add them below!

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