7 low-cost ways to make your small balcony stylish

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A balcony is one of the easiest zones in the home to decorate on a strict budget. After all, the thing that makes a balcony so precious doesn't cost a cent—it's a place to connect with the natural elements. So all you really need is a balcony set-up that allows you to enjoy simple things such as fresh air, sunshine and some relief from the relentless demands of indoor life. It should never be a mere showpiece, but of course, it needn't be an eyesore either. As home decorators we all love arranging our living spaces for visual pleasure too. So let's check out 7 low-cost ways to make your balcony more stylish. Hopefully there are a few new tips you haven't heard before…

1. Hanging baskets with trailing plants

The very first low-budget option is obvious, but must be stated. Houseplants definitely provide the biggest bang for your dollar. To really make the most of your investment, choose a trailing plant species and hang it from the ceiling. That way it will provide privacy, free up precious floor space and add a decadent look to the space.

2. Wooden tiles for a tiny balcony

If you have a small balcony, wooden floor tiles are a really good investment because you won't need to cover a lot of space. They are a fairly easy DIY project and don't even need to be permanently installed. The good thing about wooden tiles is that they instantly add a natural outdoorsy theme to the balcony. This is an important feel to create because it emphasises the shift in focus between your indoor and outdoor living areas. These are the little things that will help you switch off from work and other demands when going outside.

3. Tiny coloured stools of varying height

Lots of people think you need a lot of plants to create a balcony with a lovely jungly feel. But this kind of ambiance can easily be created in an urban garden with just a few houseplants. All you need to do is set them up at varying heights to create a sense of scale. Try to avoid any strictly symmetrical arrangements. Mother nature simply doesn't work like that! On a side note, perhaps you could spruce up some little stools/plant stands with the dipped paint look as seen here.

4. Ceramic pots bursting with colour

If you have a little plant collection, your ceramic (or even plastic) pots offer huge potential to style up the balcony. Before spending any money, make some conscious decisions about your colour scheme. Any old collision of colours won't necessarily work. Look to find unity in the saturation or hues. This should include some links with the seating and other elements on display too.

5. Indulge in an extravagant throwover or cushion

When working with a strict budget it's best to buy just a few standout items. This balcony has an extravagant throw-over that really demands attention. It looks utterly snug and a little bit wild. Some big eye-catching textiles could do the same trick.

6. Create a trio of lights

Interior designers and decorators often employ the trick of arranging a trio of elements. For some reason three is the magic number when it comes to decorating. Even the cheapest candle-holders look classy when displayed as a set of three. Perhaps you could string some from the ceiling like this. As usual, avoid any symmetrical arrangements. Instead, choose a trio of different sizes and hang them at varying lengths to make it flow.

7. Make a statement with colour

This balcony definitely looks upmarket. But the most powerful impression we can from this is the colour scheme. Most balconies have very few items on display. This means it's easier and cheaper than ever to whittle down the colour scheme to a minimum and make a style statement with colour.

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