7 ideas to upgrade your kitchen on a budget

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The kitchen is a space which requires maximum functionality. Yet, in recent times, the styling factor has also received a lot of attention for this part of the home. The advent of modern design has shown us how to make use of even the most compact spaces, as we define urban living in bustling cities. The kitchen has also undergone a metamorphosis in order to accommodate both style and function. So without further ado, here are 7 cool ways to get yourself a modern kitchen -without breaking the bank!

1. ​Less can be more

You can do away with superfluous cabinets and counters to create more visual appeal. This will also help in keeping your essentials organized in one or two areas, rather than spreading them out and hunting for them in too many cupboards.

​2. Choose solutions that work well

Every home is different, and so are the people who live within them. So ensure that you have a solution which caters to your exact needs, as you create a good layout of elements including islands, dining nooks, cabinets and counters. Storage, dining, food preparation and other activities should be taken into account when you are planning these details.

3. Go graphic

Make a visual statement, even in functional places, with a creative backsplash. Considering this wall bears all the sprays that emerge from your gourmet experiments, use a graphic theme like this typography to make the space look bright and interesting rather than stained. Ensure that this acts either as a contrast or matches the cabinets, depending on your home’s basic style and theme.

4. ​Accessorise with pops of colour

Use pops of colour for jars, canisters, and even cabinets if you are truly up for a bold and vibrant statement. Remember to layer with neutral elements like these chrome appliances so that the look is well-defined and balanced out.

​5. Greenery saves the day

Even the most modern kitchen should have a hint of greenery to instantly brighten up the space and your mood. Go for potted herbs and small creepers for a whimsical and functional feel.

6. ​Play with textures

Use varied textures and themes in order to get an eclectic look, as seen in this kitchen. The brick wall stands out in the effortlessly modern space, thus rendering a certain charm and warmth to this side of the home.

7. ​Say it with a rug

Add a rug for a soft and layered look at the end of the day. Choose something that has a light colour if you have neutral or even bold fittings. This will encourage you to keep it clean. Also, use a fabric that is easy to maintain in this space and try to opt for quirky shapes like circles for an interesting look and feel. For more great home ideas, take a look at 7 stylish ways to separate your living room and entrance.

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