6 stunning kitchens in less than 12m²

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Small can be mighty, as we are about to prove to you with a selection of tiny yet terrific kitchens! It really does go to show that it's not what you have that matters, but how you choose to use it, as some of these are simply incredible in terms of how much practicality they contain! We can tell that some space-savvy kitchen planners were behind these designs, but you would be able to copy these easily, if you have a small kitchen that needs a makeover. Come and take a tour of some small but amazing spaces and see if anything fires up your interior design imagination!

1. Built into a corner.

On first glance, this space may have seemed too awkward to be anything useful, but just look at how much has been packed inhere, without it feeling claustrophobic! There's lashings of counter space and lots of light and nothing feels too cluttered! It's all thanks to the U-shaped layout that has been installed in the corner! Wow. 

2. Using industrial inspiration.

The heady mix of white, grey and black here, as well as funky shapes and natural wood has given us a lot to think about, but stand back and drink it all in, as a whole, and it REALLY works. There is a decidedly industrial vibe here, with open-fronted shelving and utensil racks in place, but it still feels stylish and has an inherent softness. 

3. Adopting minimalist chic.

When you're dealing with a small space, less is more in terms of belongings, clutter and debris! That's why minimalism is such a popular design trend for bijou homes! This pared back kitchen i s a great example of how stylish AND practical the trend is, as the all-white scheme really makes the most of every nuance of light and looks as large as possible.

4. With a romantic touch.

Wow! The pop of colour here really does a lot to lift the small kitchen that lurks behind it and helps to introduce an accent that has been pulled through into the chosen splashback tiles. The funky lighting is practical as well as pretty, as the lack of bulky shade makes the small space feel bigger and taller and we love those crisp white cabinets!

5. Fresh and modern.

A modern small kitchen gets a little zing here, thanks to a funky feature wall and punchy green accents throughout! A simple L-shaped layout helps to garner as much countertop space as possible and a smattering of top cupboards ups the storage levels exponentially, without making the area feel too boxed in. What a great design!

6. Elegant and practical.

Hidden behind some futuristic glass doors, this square kitchen is simple and sweet and wants for nothing. Again, all-white has been chosen as the colour scheme and with just a few brushed metal appliances in place, the overarching feeling is of spacious, fresh airiness. That's just perfect!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Feng Shui kitchen basics.

Which of these kitchens would you love in your home?

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