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Visions Haus is a guest house and retreat tucked away in the Alps, where visitors have the chance to participate in various relaxation workshops or simply recharge their batteries. For those of us who are unlikely ever to end up there, taking a virtual walk around the house is still a worthwhile endeavour. It’s a building that has, at the heart of its being, the aim of promoting comfort and relaxation in multiple different ways throughout all its rooms. With that in mind, this could well be just the place to look for inspiration if you’re hoping to make your own home more chill-out friendly.

​The south view

Set against a picture-perfect backdrop of jagged peaks and clear blue skies, the building seems almost too quaint to be real. But real it is. Its rustic design couldn’t be any more appropriate, in its uncomplicated charm, for the scenic surroundings. And yet even just a glimpse at this building is enough to know that it will be anything but rudimentary on the inside. The set of three oversized balconies, the enormous windows and the beautifully maintained woodwork all hint at the luxury that lies within.

​The pavilion

At the other side of the house, an unusual hexagonal pavilion with floor-to-ceiling windows makes a striking addition to the scene.

​The terrace

The bright citrus colours used in this outdoor lounge show up extra well against the blue of the sea, just visible in front of the mountains.

​The kitchen

Naturally, almost everything is wooden here. Using any other material in this setting would almost seem a slight against the alpine theme.

​The dining room

The same citrus shades come into play here as the ones we’ve already seen outside. This creates a sense of continuity throughout the home, both indoors and out. The exposed beams, meanwhile, create a rustic air that is partially balanced by the bright modernity of the full-length windows and French doors that take up an entire wall.

​The room of truth

Each bedroom comes with its own name, its own colour theme and its own unique raised relief on the wall. Here, the grass green tones selected mirror the real grass seen just outside the French doors, while the playful pattern on the wall serves as a reminder that this is a place to forget the real world and become part of a fantasy.

​The room of harmony

Subtle pastel colours cast a faint impression of the carefree nature of childhood across this room.

​The room of courage

Again featuring its own colour scheme and wall relief, this room also comes equipped with an impressively decadent chandelier.

​Inside the pavilion

Out in the pavilion, 360º views of the incredible mountain scenery provide the perfect setting for some serious relaxation, meditation, introspection and yoga. The many windows mean this room will always be filled with sunlight during the day, whichever angle the sun hits it from.

​The living room

This is a beautiful room, clearly, but by far and away its finest feature is the wonderful, old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace. A piece like that could transform even the most unwelcoming of rooms into home.

​The sauna

And finally, what alpine getaway would be complete without a sauna? This one is simple but perfect – even the accessories match the wood of the room perfectly.

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