7 interior design tricks we learned from this 66m² home

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blackStones Scandinavian style living room
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It's easy to get lost in endless examples of beautiful little homes these days. So sometimes it pays to slow down, look at one, simple apartment and really examine what makes it work so well. The project at the focus of our story today is a modern apartment in Paris. It's a modest 66m² and has one bedroom, a combined living room/dining room and slightly small amenities. The kitchen is very modest and the bathroom is windowless. It is good to see a good interior with these kinds of challenges because they are all too common in many urban areas. Thankfully, the interior architects Blackstones have done an inspiring job that is sure to help our readers see the possibilities in a small home.

So, without further ado, let's start our educational journey!

1. Sliding doors to separate a small room

The combined living room/dining room is separated from the kitchen, entrance and bathroom area by sliding doors. It's a good wall division or separating barrier for this kind of home because it takes up far less room than a clunky door that opens inwards and gobbles up precious floor space. The large opening also allows for lots of natural light to enter the very central and windowless areas of the home.

2. Large neutral colour scheme with strong accents

The living room has a very vivid ambiance. But it's a deceiving look most of hte room is covered in white or soft beige colours. The orange accent colours are relatively small but they certainly pack a punch. The light base makes the small home feel bright and spacious, while the accent colours give it warmth and life.

In practical terms, a round dining table like this is best for a small space. Also, note how the curtains run from ceiling to floor. This kind of window dressing makes the window seem larger than it actually is.

3. Cleverly used kitchen corners

The most commonly under-utilised areas in a small home are the corners of the room. But here in this kitchen, we can see how those little slivers of space have been put to good use. The corner-mounted faucet also deserves a mention because it saves on bench space. But it's the aesthetic treatment that really has our attention. The stainless steel stove and dish washer give the small kitchen a gleam. This reflects odd bits of light and will usually make a small kitchen feel spacious. There is not much space to work with, but the marble splash-back and wooden bench-top add a slightly plush and welcoming feel to the space. In any small home it's best to keep things fairly simple and let your walls and materials really do the decorative work.

4. Wall-mounted bedside lights

The master bedroom has been kept incredibly simple. A super large bed takes up most of the floor space and the bedside tables have been whittled down to a minimum. Like many small bedrooms, this one doesn't have a whole lot of space for a bedside table. So instead in cramming one in, the designers have made the bedside table really small and installed a large, wall-mounted light. Incidentally, organically shaped lights like are perfect for small rooms because the eye runs smoothly around the curves.

5. Bespoke and streamlined built in cabinets

Bespoke and custom fitted cabinets are a godsend for those with small homes. If you set them up to follow the lines of the room, they will create clean unbroken lights of sight. This helps avoid the cluttered, messy look that is so common in small homes. Fitted cabinets will also make for very effective storage spaces because they use the far corners of the room. This one even has a cute little series of open shelves in the corner.

6. Clever use of a common wall

This cross section shows one of the most troublesome areas in a small home—the entrance and bathroom. Here you'll see that the entrance has been defined with just a couple of simple and striking pieces of furniture. The bathroom on the right also gives a hint of the clever layout. The sink area is quite narrow, but the wall-to-wall marble sink makes it feel plush. To the right is a protruding wall that may form the back side of a hallway cupboard. It's simple and ingenious.

7. Floor-to-ceiling bathroom tiles

It's tempting to think small when designing a small bathroom. But one element you don't want to skimp on is the wall tiles. Run them all the way to the ceiling raises the eye to make the small bathroom feel large. Finally, check out those cabinet mounted faucets. We have never seen anything quite like this before.

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Do you have any other tips for us? Share them below!

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