10 low-cost ways to upgrade your home—in a day!

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Hélène de Tassigny Eclectic style living room
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Are you looking to quickly refresh your abode? Or perhaps give it a new lease on life, without spending your entire budget on a full renovation? Any changes you make to your home today, will likely affect and increase its value tomorrow. If you care about the future liveability of your dwelling and its occupants it’s crucial you take steps to improve and upgrade your property. 

But where does one start? If you need some assistance we’ve gathered 10 magic ways to upgrade your home in only one day. Inject a little magic in your life, follow our simple steps and get inspired today!

1. Rethink your entrance

Your entrance often makes the biggest impression, so why not give it a redecoration and a makeover? In less than one day you can add a simple entry cupboard, mirror, and repaint surrounding walls. 

2. Add refreshed kitchen lighting

New kitchen lighting will add tonnes of character to your space and improve its ambience tenfold. Work with different light sources for an effective array of tones and hues. 

3. Clean your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom might not seem like a fun day's work, but it will give your home a serious refresh. The bathroom is exceedingly important and by employing a minimal, clutter free aesthetic, you'll impart clarity and style within your abode. 

4. Add a wall mural

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black homify Scandinavian style walls & floors

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black


A wall mural is so easy to add, will take less than a couple of hours, with seriously spectacular results! Focus on empty walls in corridors or hallways, and opt for something that evokes your desired mood or aura. 

5. Paint everything white

The designers of this room know the benefit of an all-white colour scheme! Stylish and sophisticated, spend your day repainting walls, or kitchen joinery to exude cleanliness and purity within your home.

6. Declutter your home

THE LIVIA homify Modern living room



About as much fun as cleaning your bathroom, a full house or apartment de-clutter will likely take an entire day, but the results will speak for themselves.

7. Paint a feature wall

A feature wall can brighten or darken a room, but is sure to add character and personality to a dull or dreary interior. 

8. Add hanging side lamps in your bedroom

In this compact bedroom the designers have opted for hanging side lamps, which work brilliantly to save space on your table, while illuminating the entire room's aesthetic and atmosphere. 

9. Give your rattan and wicker furniture a makeover

Rattan and wicker furniture is wonderfully on-trend, but many of us still let our pieces languish in the corner of a room unnoticed. Give your wicker items a refresh by cleaning them, position them where they'll be of use, and accessorise with throw cushions or interesting objects. 

10. Get creative and colourful with wall art

Wall art is a no-brainer for those that want to give their home an update. Take down your existing pieces, reposition, and add new art to impart life and energy into your existing room. 

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How do you give your home a quick upgrade? Add your tips below!

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