​5 depressing facades transformed beyond recognition

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We can all agree that the first impression of a home comes from the facade. That is perhaps why designers pay so much attention to creating a stunning exterior, and why you always remember the good-looking house on your road. But for every beautiful-looking house, there is always a dowdy and shabby one that is past its prime. Lack of proper maintenance, weather, and no design sense can all contribute to a worn-down home. However, nothing is beyond salvage with the help of some clever design and innovative thinking.

If you're looking for inspiration to change the way people look at your home, check out these five amazing facades and their transformations!

​1. Before: shabby and run-down space

This home wore a shabby and run-down look with a rather gloomy olive green coat of paint. The box-like structure also held no real coherent style, while the grills looked unwieldy and gave a mismatched look.

​After: new and vibrant facade

One wing was turned into a terrace, while the other side was knocked down so that the centre portion could rise as a linear modernist tower. While white was introduced into the main colour scheme, the designers picked a cheery yellow for the rest of the home to make a vibrant statement. Modern wooden slats adorn the porch as well.

2. ​Before: cookie-cutter style

This home looked good, but did not stand out or create a unique statement from any angle. The Mediterranean look was consistent with most other homes on the block.

After: contemporary and bold

The home now stands out thanks to its contemporary features,  most notably the iron grills and modular form marked by steps and structural lighting.

​3. Before: wedged in between two homes

The facade of this dwelling was just wedged in between two other homes on a cramped street. It lacked any character and the brick addition to the yellow walls seemed like an afterthought.

​After: a trendy look

The new facade has a chic modern look that comes with geometric tiers and a sideways alignment, making the entire home feel more open. The white good looks and garage on the ground floor make for an expansive statement.

​4. Before: utterly ordinary

This ordinary home had peeling paint and chipped textures, without any proper styling in place. The grills for the fence also sported a rather old and boring look

​After: cool new textures

With a few new textures and designs for the wings in place, the facade of this home now has a stylish edge. The lighting adds to the aura while the fence also looks more solid.

5. Before & after: from outdated to new and improved

The outdated jutting corners of the roof, yellowing paint and old ridges were crying out for a transformation. The new white tower-like design and the windows placed on the corner make for a sleek and contemporary look.

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Which of these makeovers impresses you the most?

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