Kitchens with islands: 10 fantastic ideas!

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The kitchen island has often been viewed as a luxurious addition that is both modern and classic in its appeal. If you have enough space in your kitchen, it makes sense to expand things with a kitchen island that can serve as a cozy dining space, or double up as a workspace or prep station. Whatever the end goal, this addition is one that needs to be installed with a lot of thought, in terms of space available, layout, textures and the function of the island. To help you do this, we bring you 10 super helpful tips on installing the best kitchen island to suit you and your family!

​1. Positioning and size

E2 KITCHEN arQing Minimalist kitchen



Since your island will function as a place to prepare food, make sure you fit the kitchen with a sturdy surface and proper lights. Hanging sources of light work brilliantly since they illuminate the area very well and throw light on the food – which makes sense whether you are eating or cooking it.

​2. Granite as the main element

Granite is definitely the star of this kitchen, instantly adding character and style to the space. The stony surfaces of the earthy grainy-looking granite contrast very well with the white walls, allowing the light to bounce around.

​3. Unique and multipurpose

This unique tiered island is becoming a common feature in many modern kitchens, doubling as a breakfast nook where food can be prepared and homework can also be completed.

​4. Colour me vibrant

This vibrant addition to the simple and open kitchen counter is one that makes the space look stylish, adding a pop of happiness in the predominantly white and grey space. The cabinets behind wear a matching hue as well!

​5. All-encompassing

This golden and black kitchen features a sleek black counter with wooden stools. The bar and kitchen come together in this space for a hardworking statement which also makes for ease of entertaining.

6. A linear partition

This slim and narrow space gets a partition, with the help of the long island and its speckled marble counter top. On either side one can find areas for the kitchen and the dining room, respectively.

7. Recycling posts

This island is a special one, combining functions like water collection and waste recycling in neat niches built into its surface and sides. This makes it a one-stop shop for all cooking needs.

8. ​A square-shaped island

This square-shaped island can fit neatly into your space—if you have plenty of it, much like this large and open kitchen. The doors and windows make for an even more expansive vibe, so that the counter does not clutter the space visually.

9. ​Solid good looks

The chrome hues of this kitchen are perfect for the block of stone that adorns the countertop of the island. This makes it a rather durable and solid addition to the neutral-hued space.

10. Homely vibes

This kitchen shows how an island can work perfectly even in a small space – serving as a place to cook, prep and even store things. The combination of the wooden seats and marble surface works beautifully with the patterned floor tiles, lending a more traditional homely look to the space. The designer, however, does not forget to make the scene modern, even adding a steel fridge and pretty designer lights.

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Which of these kitchen islands would you pick?

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