8 chic apartments with space-saving layouts

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Tim Diekhans Architektur Industrial style bedroom
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Saving space in an apartment can often seem like a completely thankless and infuriatingly challenging task. With limited room to move, your interior design and décor is often negatively affected. Luckily there are solutions!

Perplexing yet beneficial, creating a space saving layout involves creativity and innovation. To give a little insight, we’ve gathered 8 apartments that truly make the most of their space, with reconfigured plans that maximise living areas, cohesion and movement. 

If you’d like to glean a few tips and tricks from these stylishly sophisticated homes, read on below!

1. The moveable apartment

This apartment literally shifts and moves to suit your exacting needs. With plywood panels, the one-room home offers everything one might need, as well as plenty of privacy. Here we see the home semi-open with the bed exposed to the left, and the kitchen to the right. 

2. Glass walls to keep everything open

In this next example the studio dwelling has been opened up with a space-saving design. Although compact, the home feels surprisingly roomy thanks to the chic furniture, all-white colour palette and impressive glazed partition that separates the bedroom without isolating the space. 

3. Adding usable partitions

The architects and designers of this smart European apartment have incorporated dividers and room partitions that offer storage as well as privacy. 

4. Working with rather than against your floor plan

In this compact home, the designers have opted to utilise the linear shape of the space. In doing this they've saved space within the apartment, ensuring the layout feels open and roomy. The furniture fits the interior, boasting long accommodating items that are sophisticated and understated. 

5. A magical mezzanine

The mezzanine in this apartment certainly saves space! Without an exterior patio of their own, this one ensures the occupants have a place to sit, relax and unwind.

6. Re-thinking tradition

This ultra-compact apartment has re-thought the standard shape and form of a home, opting to include the kitchen island as a piece of multi-functional furniture that assists in many different and helpful ways. 

7. Less is more

In larger loft style apartments, it's often easy to cram too much into the area. This design saves space by keeping everything minimal. In doing this the home feels private yet open, with a serene, industrial-chic aesthetic.

8. Embracing central columns

The central column in this home has been utilised in multiple ways to hold the television as well as enhance the overall ambience. The floor plan is functional and shows us an interesting design that should offer inspiration to those who reside in a dwelling with awkward columns and posts. 

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