16 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers!

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It's a strange thing, but bathrooms seem to date very quickly! We don't know how or why, but once a suite has gone out of style, so too does your bathroom, but we think we've found a way to keep your space feeling and looking contemporary cool; with a modern shower! Bathroom designers are consistently asked to come up with modern aesthetics, but it looks as though the secret is to simply update your shower and boom! The whole room looks far more chic. With that in mind, we've found 16 incredible shower designs that we know you'll love, so come take a look and think about how they would totally transform your bathroom!

1. Blink and you'll miss it!

With no external framework, it's actually hard to see this fabulous shower, which we know is the point! A subtle, elegant and classy installation, this will look modern for years to come!

2. Built for two.

We love the dimensions of this crystal clear shower and the corner doors, as it shows there has been no compromise on comfort or luxury. The glass looks so modern against the wooden wall panels too!

3. A marvel in marble.

Marble will never go out of style. That's a bold statement, but we stand by it, as it's just so classic and cool. A new shower, decked out with marble wall tiles and a seat, is the perfect bathroom upgrade.

4. Add a little colour.

There is actually a spot of science behind bathing in coloured-light infused water, as different shades are said to impact on your mood. If it looks this good, we're willing to try it!

5. Mosaic masterclass.

We love that the shower here is the only part of this bathroom to be decked out in dark mosaic tiles, as the contrast makes for an impactful and bold design. It also looks effortlessly modern and beautiful!

6. Material mix.

A polished concrete bathroom. Wow! This needed to help to look modern and amazing, but with the frameless shower in place, the look is most definitely complete!

7. Scandinavian style.

With the wooden bench seat in this shower, you could really take your time in the morning and we love the pared back vibe, with inset wall shelving that makes this space really come alive! So fresh!

8. Frosted privacy.

Having a shower in the middle of the room is a bold and different approach, but one that we love! the band of frosted glass ensures privacy, but a fabulous skylight drenches you in sunlight! Amazing!

9. Using those corners!

A wasted corner is a sad thing in any bathroom, but this one doesn't have to worry about that! Built for two, with space-savvy sliding doors and finished to perfection with pebble mosaics, it's beautiful and functional!

10. Mirrored tones.

The modern hardware in this shower is divine and so chunky, while the wall tiles mirror the mocha tone of the accent splashback. What a way to keep the themes alive, while still adding in a dose of modernity!

11. Industrial heaven.

Not your average bathroom by any stretch of the imagination, the industrial shower here has really tipped the balance in favour of modern styling! That's quite a challenge, given all the rustic touches everywhere!

12. Funky shapes.

Modern design will always find a way, so with an awkward corner to contend with, why wouldn't you choose a contemporary diamond-shaped shower enclosure? It's almost invisible too! Where IS the door?

13. Smoky perfection.

With all the wall tiles perfectly matched, it came to the shower glass to make things a little more contemporary and that smokey quartz finish has managed, with ease! Dark, dramatic and bold, it is gorgeous!

14. Slices of colour.

Grey, red and black can actually look a little retro together but with super stylish hardware and a corner design, this shower looks as modern and interesting as they come!

15. LED loveliness.

Inset wall shelving that allows for mood lighting, an elegant half-screen design and a funky LED shower head have all combined to make this shower a modern dream! Those dark wall tiles are delicious too!

16. Framed elegance.

A dramatic black frame system really looks beautiful, in a classic, yet modern way here! The monochrome styling has a timeless yet undeniably chic and contemporary look and the full width shower enclosure is incredible!

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Transforming your bathroom with black.

Which of these showers was your dream installation?

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